Mikko Välimäki

Start-ups, management thoughts and political opinions


My career has been all about starting and building stuff from the ground up. Every veteran has their success story and mine is Tuxera Inc. which we've been building since 2008 when I turned 32.

Back in the day I started it out selling my own computer games through mail order when I was in high school. After university I founded a law firm and a couple of software and tech start-ups. I also built some name founding a political advocacy group and talking out as a university teacher. My latest starts include a commercial property business and electric scooters. These days I'm also helping and advising others.


I've been studying management all my career. My favorite all time guru is Peter Drucker who wrote crystal clear. That said I value most my own experience and after going through numerous starts I'm ready to share what I have learned.


I've been fancying running a political campaign for some time but always postponed for not having enough time for it. When I do run, I will build my campaign on time-tested principles of less government, less taxes and more freedom to the people. As a fundamental issue all parties in countries like Finland taste, feel and act pretty much the same. There is too much power delegated to bureaucrats who need no votes to continue in their jobs. The politicians must take that power back and then over to the people.

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