10K in 35.12 at Palo Alto Baylands

Picture: Barry L Watson

That’s where I am today, on a certified flat course in the typical perfect weather. Results here. Ran pretty constant speed from the beginning. Already the first mile was 5.35. At mile three I had 16.50. Faded a bit between miles 3 and 5, then picked the pace again but couldn’t break that 35 mins line. I ran basically all alone in 2nd position. Winner Scott from Stanford’s track team went far ahead in sub 33 mins. His target for the season is 30.30…

The result is a clear setback from where I was just some three months ago. But it was also pretty much expected because of lackluster track training over the last two months. Also I have to admit my age might have started to come into play… no more good results with minimal training.