Why I am Switching from iPhone

I’ve owned an iPhone since October 2007 when it was far ahead of the competition. I posted enthusiastically about my phone in 2007-2008, getting kicks from hacking and finding something new and playing retro stuff. I even went to one launch event once when it was a new concept and there was’t any queue. Then came the stores — both physical and online — everything went closed, commercial, queues grew up, and I had less time to hack. My previous iPhone post is indeed from 2008. Since then I’ve been running it in stock mode with just a couple apps. Issues I have with iPhone today include:

  1. Look and feel is the same as when it launched five years ago. Yes. Where’s the innovation? On the left you have the original 2007 model, on the right hand side the latest model selling five years after in 2012. I want and expect change.

  2. Crashes more and more often, and compared to competition it is getting worse. Here’s one related study although I’m talking about the operating system crashing, not an individual app. I’m experiencing at least once a week complete system hang which needs hard reboot. It can come any time during any operation of any app, like with the built-in map application. Apple is hacking an ever complex, closed system in-house. Some would say this is the expected outcome.
  3. Hardware is closed and has no open connectors anybody could freely build accessories for. There’s less third party stuff in general. No peripheral ecosystem. Again, less innovation.
  4. Apple is sold out like a girl or boy band at the peak of their career. Anything Apple is no longer cool. It gives me no kicks. Why would I devote any time to hack or talk about Apple’s devices because everybody is doing it. Having too many fans can makes you look dumb with those white earphones. I so much like this ad:

  5. Overpriced and will remain so, despite all of the above. While this may not be the really limiting factor to get one, it will hit me that I don’t want to spend anybody’s money for technology that just isn’t worth it anymore. I think it is morally wrong and detrimental to innovation if people are spending money into that stuff and let them put out more crap.

* * *

On the positive side iOS devices are still easy to use and fast, very good (when it doesn’t crash) for basic email, navigation and surfing. There are apps for everything. Yes, like Windows 95 or 98 for basic desktop use. That comparison should tell enough why I’m switching …

Overall, Apple is today like Microsoft in the mid or late 1990s. It is hard to see right now how they can ever fail. They have obviously many great years ahead but, at the same time, the other guys are creating a more interesting future.