Skateboarding legends in action

Tony Hawk in the air and Steve Caballero with his Master of Puppets shirt below

Went to see Tony Hawk and his pals with my son and other family to Lake Cunningham skate park on Sunday. Turns out local legend Steve Caballero came in as well and we enjoyed a great show of skills. Hard to believe these guys are 44 (Hawk) and 48 (Cab) respectively. Shot a couple of great videos and pics to prove what we saw.

It was a positive surprise to see how niche amateur sports skateboarding really is. Just the standard parking fee to enter, and you could get as close as you wanted. Anybody could have jumped in. No posing or announcements, no hot dog or beer joints, just the guys showing their skills and tricks. Reminded in many ways all-comers track meets where the focus is on the sports and nothing else.