Back in Riutta

After as much as two months of back and forth pains with my right knee, which at some point made running outright impossible, I’m gradually back into running. In short, I’m not in good shape. Two weeks ago or so tried 1.000m on track in Munich and produced on okay 3.05 compared to where I came from. Today in Finland drove north to Riihimäki, my old hometown, to check out my all-time-favorite course at Riutta. It’s still all the same. Now they have new sign posts saying the course would be 2.400m but I still believe the right distance is a little bit more. Anyway, completed two laps in 10.20 and 9.40. The latter one I tried to push hard, but felt worn out. — It’s now more than 20 years since I raced that legendary course with Jani Lehtonen in 9.01 against Lehtonen’s 8.51. Those were pretty impressive times.