Left knee giving signals

Have taken it easy this week. Last night sprinted on top of Visamäki in 47.3 — a new PB. During warmup I felt something is not right in the left knee. Must be the result of the long asphalt run last weekend. Today I feel like the knee is not bending 100%. Let’s hope I can get it in shape before the run which starts less than 48 hrs from now.

Long one to Biltema and back

Ran today to Biltema in Espoonlahti and back with a plastic bag full of bicycle parts. Must have been 25K level stuff. It took over 50 minutes per set totalling like 1.52 with a few mins of messing up the course somewhere around Nöykkiö — both ways. Obviously I’m not yet familiar with the street layout far beyond Suomenoja.

Another 4 x 2K

Same set as two weeks ago or so: 6.37, 6.39, 6.41 and 6.42. So a bit faster, sub 3.20/km avg. This time in the morning sun and shade, +20, no wind. Only eight nights to Midnight Run left. — Last week in Bay Area did two times PG&E trail in 1.04 and 1.06.

4 x 2K

Pretty good repeats at home 1K: 6.36, 6.40, 6.44 and 6.40. First two with 1 minute break, the last one with 2 mins. Late at night, no wind, temps around +20. Great conditions overall just before the dark. Huge improvement from June.

Yesterday long one taking over 1.40 total so must have been like 25K+. One day before tried the max at 1000m on Otaniemi track. Disappointing 3:00.5. Need to try it again in a week or so.