Miami Vice revisited

Walked up to the cinema in Atlantic Station and saw Miami Vice, the new remake. My perspective may be biased but I was impressed. I know the movie has got mixed reviews. But I give it thumbs up. Michael Mann has style. The movie is raw and realistic. Nightvision without flashlights. No overproduction at all. Pure stuff from the beginning to the end. It’s so real and detailed, and at the same time it’s all fantasy. Life is short, time is luck. Ok, I’ve heard it all before. But this is mr. Mann at what he does best.

Yeah, and forget about the thing “it’s not original”. This is by Mann and, besides, everything in America is redone for the next generation. You have to see it to believe it. The change!

Electric Ant

“In me somewhere, he thought, there is a matrix fitted in place, a grid screen that cuts me off from certain thoughts, certain actions. And forces me into others. I am not free. I never was…”

Yeah, I’ve jumped into fiction. Science-fiction. That one was from Philip Dick’s novel “Electric Ant”. After Androids I’m now continuing with his novel collections. I refound Dick after browsing through the early production of Hunter and Tom Wolfe. America in its craziest. 60s, hippies, junkies, electric kool-aid acid tests with all their colors. This art is well-written, clear and most of all: inspiring! Me being in this conservative family-man set-up. Maybe I should ask like Deckard. Who’s an android, after all, with a 4-year life expectancy?

“What I want, he realized, is ultimate and absolute reality, for one micro-second. After that it doesn’t matter, because all will be known; nothing will be left to understand or see… I will prick new punch-holes in the tape and see what presently emerges. It will be interesting because I will not know what the holes I make mean.”