“When the enemy troops are in high spirits, and, although facing you, do not join the battle for a long time, nor leave, you must thoroughly investigate the situation.” — Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Chapter IX, section 44.

Bombings in Madrid made me browse through the classics again. Why don’t we read these anymore? United States wages war on terror. Others follow. Most probably, it seems to me, they are so wrong on the cure. What we are facing are men on mission who cannot be stopped with force alone. They don’t wage war, they have just created it.

First post

Finally got this thing flying… installing and configuring Movable Type took an hour, figuring out how it really works took a few more. This is actually my second post. The very first MySQL table is already history.

Note added in July 2005: I have changed my blogging software from Movable Type to WordPress and all these early posts from Movable Type are “hand-lifted” into WordPress – without changing a word.