From Korea with Gangnam Style

I learned a few days ago in Gangnam, Korea about a new hit everybody was doing in the local Karaoke joints. I thought this is something I have to share with my kids and friends, nobody should know about it. Little did I know my kids has already been playing for weeks. Last week it was at 160M views, and today it has passed well over 200M. Huge for a K-Pop song, and another lesson in how such things can go globally viral.

London wrap up and how to pick up running again

I’m seriously late wrapping up the games. The highlight for me was 10.000m and Galen Rupp’s second place finish. It was so close .. The rest of the games went so-so. Maybe the second highlight came with Ruuskanen’s javelin throw which earned him bronze.

In my own training I am still to resume running two days in a row. Last night tried for the first time in two months something faster. The achilles is somewhat better but still far from normal. I did 1K in 3.09 and today the leg muscles have been aching all over. It is amazing how quickly the fitness deteriorates.

The most talked about NBA trade of the summer

Let’s continue with some trading news from pro leagues. It is always great to know your favorite NBA player continues his career. It is — to say the least — exciting to see him trade the team at the age of 38 and take that as a possibly game-changing deal for the coming season. Yes, at the end of the day Steve Nash chose to play for the Lakers wearing jersey #10 after everyone including Kobe were after him.

Evan Jager joins the Olympic medal contenders

Time to add one more event to the must-watch list in the coming Olympics. Evan Jager just ran a huge steeplechase race in Monaco, setting a new American Record 8.06 just a few steps from the Kenyans. This was his fifth steeplechase race this season — and ever in his career. Certainly a wild card in London. Great to see the group of American Olympic medal contenders in distance running just keeps on growing …

Skateboarding legends in action

Tony Hawk in the air and Steve Caballero with his Master of Puppets shirt below

Went to see Tony Hawk and his pals with my son and other family to Lake Cunningham skate park on Sunday. Turns out local legend Steve Caballero came in as well and we enjoyed a great show of skills. Hard to believe these guys are 44 (Hawk) and 48 (Cab) respectively. Shot a couple of great videos and pics to prove what we saw.

It was a positive surprise to see how niche amateur sports skateboarding really is. Just the standard parking fee to enter, and you could get as close as you wanted. Anybody could have jumped in. No posing or announcements, no hot dog or beer joints, just the guys showing their skills and tricks. Reminded in many ways all-comers track meets where the focus is on the sports and nothing else.