3000m 9.25,37 – 1/100 sec from PB!

Unbelievable. I competed today 3000m in Liikuntamylly, a nice 200m track in Myllypuro, eastern Helsinki. It went very well and I thought my previous record would be history. But now I’m reading the results and I stopped the clock 1/100 secs behind! Can’t believe this. I’ll never ease again like that. So Ks went in constant speed 3.07, 3.07, 3.09 easing a little in the last two laps. I know I could have done it sub-9.20 but decided not to take any extra hit. Hell with the hit! I failed, fuck it. As a sidenote, I prepared to the race by enjoying a nice set from Möttönen’s collection of single malts in the previous night. It ended in a karaoke bar…

The whole visit to Liikuntamylly was worth it. A good race, good track, and … how should I put it, a rare visit to the “East”. It is bohemian, hippie, colorful, poor and they talk “stadin slangi”, the street language creatively mixing Swedish and Finnish. From political perspective, East is red and West is blue. It’s really different to the extent there are differences in Finland.

Back to training notes. The week had a total of 3 days off. Thursday 18K, fri and sat off – today the race + warm-up + nite 9K means a total of just 52K.