20K Rodeo Beach trail run in 1.28

Had a longer stopover at SFO today. Decided to challenge the weather and rode up to Marin for a 20K trail run. Must have been one of the toughest running races I’ve ever done. Partly because of poor training background but more importantly because of heavy rain & wind. Visibility was maximum 100 meters over the course. At some points just 20 meters or so and I had to hold on to the cap so it didn’t fly away. Also the course is quite tough with 700m total vertical ascend. When I saw a sign saying 3.4 miles or 5.8km to Rodeo Beach I felt like being betrayed. Legs were all done and I was ready to speed down. Somehow I could however carry on the remainder of the course which was either downhill or flat. Results here.

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Midnight Run 10K 35.29

In 10K you get what you deserve and that was what I got last night. First half 17.35 and already at that point it was clear I would not go sub 35 this time. The weather took probably something out of the time. It was raining, water everywhere, and pretty dark. At half I was leading a pack at 7th but from there it was just fight to keep the pace. Final position 10th.

Our Tuxera team of 7 runners total did superb job overall. I think everybody pretty much reached their targets. Congrats to Anna, Tiffiny, Claudio, Hien, Markku and Peng!

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Preparing for 10K

Last week three times 4.2km as part of Team Tuxera doing DHL Runfest. Pace 3.25-3.30/km and 20 mins in between. Next Sat there is the annual 10K Midnight Run. Looks like 35 mins is again a reasonable goal although I haven’t really run that much.

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Still not there

Another trial today. 1000m in Myyrmäki 3.00,2. Second lap was a bummer, over 75 secs in some wind. Steps to the top of the Malminkartano hill 1.18,5, the first time I ran it through. I guess dropping that time under 1.10 should be doable. Going under 1 mins would need serious training and polishing technique.

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Summer running wrap-up

Quite similar summer compared to last year. Occasional training, just a few random competitions. Season started in April with Kormu Run half marathon in 1.19.14. Then again Iitti hölkkä in July clocking in at 35.54, which is almost identical to 2015. Tried a few times to break 3 mins barrier in 1.000m without success so far. A couple weeks ago managed 3.00,1 which means I need to hit the track again. Today a couple 2K repeats at home course in 6.45 and 6.49, then felt energies down. The best one so far has been three repeats in 6.45 or 3.22/km avg pace. The one competition left and main goal of the season is the same as two past years: Midnight Run 10K, three weeks from now.

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