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20K Rodeo Beach trail run in 1.28

Had a longer stopover at SFO today. Decided to challenge the weather and rode up to Marin for a 20K trail run. Must have been one of the toughest running races I’ve ever done. Partly because of poor training background but more importantly because of heavy rain & wind. Visibility was maximum 100 meters over the course. At some points just 20 meters or so and I had to hold on to the cap so it didn’t fly away. Also the course is quite tough with 700m total vertical ascend. When I saw a sign saying 3.4 miles or 5.8km to Rodeo Beach I felt like being betrayed. Legs were all done and I was ready to speed down. Somehow I could however carry on the remainder of the course which was either downhill or flat. Results here.

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Thank You Cathay and Finnair for $10 McDonald’s Voucher

Been stuck in Hong Kong for the last 20 hours or so. Came yesterday from Taipei on Cathay flight CX531, which was about 2 hours late. I had 2:30 to make the connection to Helsinki on Finnair AY070. Looked promising when Cathay parked next to the gate where Finnair plane was waiting. Still 30 mins left.

Ran out of the plane, there was somebody with a sign Finnair / Helsinki, and gave me the gate number. Off through the transfer security. Fast sprint to the gate. Still 15 mins to go, final call blinking, the last people boarding. Made it…

…or what? Actually there seems to be an argument ongoing. Xavier from the same Taipei flight is denied access. Getting heat. WTF!? I’m giving my boarding pass to the people at the gate, I believe working for Cathay or some airline service company, who say something along the lines of “Sorry sir, you have been already taken out of this flight.” Still somebody checks in and walks to the plane. Excuse me what are you talking about?

They explain to have called Cathay and asked to take me, Xavier and others who came from Taipei out of this flight. Why?! “Because your checked-in luggage would not have made it.” Again, WTF?! My checked-in luggage is very often late, comes next day or so and I am ok with that. This is a bs explanation I tell them. Please rebook and get us in now. They keep on repeating the same, Chinese style, bureaucratic, cold crap as if it would help. Xavier goes off the limits shouting these people face-to-face. I also tell them something inappropriate in Finnish. Some security guy is standing in the middle of the way to the plane to make sure we can’t get in there even though we have valid boarding passes at hand. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

I am asking who the f*ck made the call to get us off the flight. It is unclear, nobody wants to take responsibility. Did Finnair just kick us out to get some stand-by guys in or was it Cathay? Who knows. Real reason is not told. We watch there helplessly as the plane stands at the gate. One woman who gets the same treatment starts to cry. The plane docks off. According to flight statistics info it left 45 mins later. What a piece of crap.

We get back to the transfer desk. What a chaos. People from the Taipei flight are taken as a special group, case by case depending on the destination. We are the last to get any help. Hours go by. First they say the only option for us is to get on a Turkish Airlines flight combination through Istanbul that would arrive sometime middle of Sunday. We refuse that bs offer and ask them to get something through Central Europe or direct Finnair. I bet they are just trying to cost down. I’m browsing options and can see there are seats on Cathay and BA via London as well which would arrive late Saturday. They claim those flights are full, which is obviously not true. We demand Finnair. Finally get a word of new Finnair tickets for the next day and a hotel voucher four hours later, after 4am. Need to talk to get another voucher to eat something. They give us some $10 to get into McDonalds. That’s just hilarious but it’s so late it doesn’t matter anymore. We don’t get our luggage, it remains somewhere checked-in, so we can keep our dirty clothes. We get to the hotel in some crappy industrial area middle of Kowloon at 5am.

Wake up 3pm to realize they gave no ticket, boarding pass or anything to the next flight. Xavier calls and says I should call Finnair right away to get the ticket. I do and I get myself a seat. Sounds like I was booked on the flight but it was not confirmed or in some overbooked category without a seat. Get an automatic email confirmation from Finnair that I should be good. Fine. First time they get back to me though would have appreciated something more personal. Get to Starbucks to leave a few bucks to Hong Kong before getting back to the airport to write this. Compensation so far? Nothing. Oh, the $10 McDonald’s voucher. Should have saved that one.

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Ribs broken?

Nothing much to tell over the past month or so in the running front. The knee has maybe healed but a week ago I fell while chasing kids in the dark forest probably breaking my left side ribs. Tried to run twice after that with increasing pains. The first time I was still wondering what was the problem. The second time had to make it just because I got to run in NY Central Park for a very long time. Hated when people were just passing by around the Reservoir…

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Kormu Run 1.18.58

Picture: Matti Koljonen

Opened laptop yesterday morning around 9:45am. It was a sunny morning and I thought to check it out if there would be any running event my son could participate in. Found out there is something called Kormu Run. Took a look at the course map … what?! My old training course on the fields somewhere between Riihimäki and Loppi. When is this event going to happen? About an hour from now. Let’s focus. I can still make it. I must do this! Tried to talk my son to come as well but had to get out on my own. Threw sneakers in the trunk and off I went 10:02.

Tesla says I would be there 10:58. It’s really nice sunshine, sale dry road, 105.7 KOZZ-FM … I can make it bit sooner than that. After some high energy highway driving and shortcut through Herajoentie arrive at 10:41. That was pretty good. Ask if I can park near the start and it is okay. Get my number, change to racing shoes and I have still like 8 minutes to warm up. I feel pretty good about it all.

The race itself starts out nice. Legs feel good. I can still remember all the scenery, all the dirt roads, every curve. It all looks the same except for maybe a few new houses. I ran with Finnish 24h ultrarunner #2 from about 3km to half way when he finishes. There was one more guy maybe 1 minutes ahead of us but he finishes half distance too. It feels pretty easy until say 15-16km mark from where my leg muscles start to signal poor training background. Still manage to keep the pace even and cross the finish line in 1.18.58 which I think is a pretty decent effort.

Talk with some local guys who were helping to put the event together. Back home around 13:35. Compact trip. Good, uplifting feeling.

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Camp Laanitupa

Came back from a five day family vacation to Lapland. Third year in a row the same thing we could call an adventure in the not-so-distant past: getting a very basic fifty-years-old cottage into gear. First thing is to dig it up from one meter of snow in -30 degrees celsius. Then to dig a path to get wood. Cut the wood. A path to a nearby stream. Break the ice. Carry water inside. First night we got the temperature inside into maybe +13, malady second night +16, sovaldi sale and the third night we broke 20. After coming back basically all clothes have a smokey smell. We all appreciate and cherish the modern home automation again.

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