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First 20K

This morning I did two times around the island, viagra a total of 20K. The first circle around 40 mins, the second 42 or so. Yesterday 10K, thursday was off again (great Spanish wine night).

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Are Finnish IP scholars sold out?

I wrote today a critical opinion piece to a local intellectual property lawyers magazine about the academic IP studies in Finland. The Finnish Academy funded seven university projects during 2001-2004. Yesterday the academy held a seminar where every project gave a presentation about what they had achieved. Practising lawyers – from a legislation drafter to patent attorney and corporate counsel – gave comments.

What I sensed was confusing. Just one of the projects wasn’t clearly politically hostile towards IPRs. Others had a bunch of critical views. Every argument type was used from economic theory (IPRs are inefficient) and developing nations (they need to free-ride) to human rights (freedom of speech etc.) and competition policy (IPRs are anti-competitive, generic of course).

Those practising the art didn’t buy the arguments at all. Many gave extremely critical comments. Are your policy recommendations just academic day-dreams, online which can’t be implemented ever? Are you guys just following some fashionable international scholarly trends? Why don’t see the picture from corporate perspective? (Well, here is one possible answer)

I had to agree with those who delivered the critique. The researchers are wrong if they don’t answer to the needs of the Finnish industry and economy at large.

As a former “activist” of sorts I understand that it is relevant to bring dissending opinions into public policy discussions. Five years ago there didn’t really exist IPR policy discussion in Finland. But today the picture is different. We just had a 200-300 people demonstrating against the recent copyright law amendment. In this situation, I don’t think that every IP scholar in Finland should study IPRs from normative perspective. They have nothing to add. Moreover, there are many philosophers, social scientists etc. who are now studying IPRs as well and can perhaps bring some new insights into the public policy stuff. No one could do that yesterday.

I think IP scholars should start cooperating with the Finnish technology and media companies to bring their research agendas and goals more in line with the needs of the Finnish economy. I’ve been doing just that for over five years now. Forget repeating Lessig and his pals, they’re being heard everywhere by now. Go figure something original and useful.

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Weather report

It’s snowing for the first time this fall in Helsinki. Tonight I made the regular 14K. Monday gave a 7K with a modest 1000m test drive clocked at 3.07 on track (Nike Skylons are not for fast running!). Tuesday was off.

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Third week 58K

The rest of the week went like 14K – 4K – 10K – 10K. Total 58K. The short one was an attempt to do some speeding. Overall, shop I’m feeling great without any troubles with legs etc. So I can continue to increase the weekly mileage…

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Something to study

Ok, pills something else in the mid of all that running crap.

First, the next morning we’ll meet Helsinki city’s IT chief. On the table is the idea that the city would support / fund a municipal wifi initiative. I’ve heard the guys here are not that supportive to the idea but we’ll see… I hope there will be at least some sort of study of wifi’s possibilities.

Second, I noticed that the local TV news finally found out that the EU is proposing that car registration taxes should be zero. As someone who has imported two cars with crazy 100-150% import taxes I really love the idea. Finnish tax policy has been in this regard unsound, based on the 1970s principles of local transport industry protection without taking into account neither the EU economic policy (free movement of goods & people) or environmental policy for that matter. Maybe I should try to publish some sort of critical primer for the Finnish “tax professionals” about the whole tragedy.

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