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Lost keys etc.

Two nights ago during a 15K my running jacket produced a nice hole and I lost my keys. Last morning right after sunrise I ran the exact route again without finding anything. Damn.

Last week totalled 53K. Thursday 14K, thumb friday was, saturday just 4K and Sunday 15K.

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Week total 78K

No days of rest. Friday 4K, viagra Saturday 20K, otherwise 10K. Today in Paloheinä, including some hills. This was the best week so far. Feet are ok.

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Sony just hit consumer hostility

Ok, cialis my 5 cents to the ongoing Sony bashing. It is found that their “rootkit” crap not only fucks your system up but also infringes copyright. Unless the developers have been bought out, which I suspect is impossible, someone should advice the class-action-sharks in the US law firms to add statutory copyright infringement claims in their cases. Of course Sony can surrender the sources and thus fix any possible “irreparable harm” but I don’t think they can avoid basic infringement payments since they have already profited from a product based on the copyright of others. Meanwhile, the only viable option seems to be this russian retailer if you need quality music files without DRM-insults.

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Revving up again…

Last week went over rather quickly. Only 36K total if I calculated it correct. One 12K sightseeing around Haukilahti, view then three days off in a row, discount and finally 4K and 10K over the weekend. I had just a bit too much lecturing and real estate deals going on. This week started out much more consistent. Monday 14K and yesterday the oldie goldie 10K. Coming up soon some speeding & distance.

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Legs took some damage

Riutta gave to my legs some positive pains. Yesterday only 4K and today 10K, sovaldi still hurting a little. Last week totalled 51K or so.

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