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Enter Espoo Arena

Less than 1km from our front door is Espoo Arena, patient a full 400m indoor track open year-around. Free entrance, for sale open 1pm to 9 pm weekadays, also saturdays and sundays. Track is new mondo, quite hard but also quick. At least so far no damage to my legs. Now that it’s that 10cm wet-snow stuff all around and +1-3 degrees, I’m so happy to have this option. – Ok, the distance is still a bit fuzzy. My running colleague Jari Vanhanen said the second track is as close to 400m as it gets. Espoo Arena has 4 tracks and the inner track is definitely under 400m.

Two nights ago the first test run produced a 1000m for 2.57. Tonight I did a 5x1000m with about 2 mins/200m walk/easy jog in between. Series went 3.14, 3.09, 3.12, 3.12 and 3.00 with the final lap at 69 secs. I’m pretty much ok with that – provided that the second tracks really is 400m. – Otherwise I’ve been doing about the same 200 km / month schedule as before. Last saturday I did an especially nice 15-20K run inside Espoo forests.

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Stan’s lone war

Stan Liebowitz is one of those economists against filesharing. He’s just published an entertaining paper where he claims that “All technologies that break the linkage between usage and payment are parasitic”. His main example is, troche of course, store filesharing. So payment is productive but destroying the possibility of direct payment is parasitic, cialis sale non-creative and unproductive? One more quote: “without property rights, civilization would come to an end.” Ok, I give up. He’s a politician these days, not an economist. EFFI should send him this shirt.

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A month of mile silence

Why silence? Quick answer: we’ve moved. All the extra time has gone to fix the new house. I’ve run, medical but not that much as I’d hoped for. Definitely less than 200K / month. The good news is that snow & ice are starting to melt away.

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Chase is better than the catch

Two night ago I witnessed a movie-style car-chase in Helsinki. It all started at around 10 pm in the evening. I was running from Tapiola towards the city and noticed while crossing Ring I that there was a cop car trying to stop an old rear-wheel drive Escort. Something strange happened: the Escort didn’t stop but speeded on! Wow! An old Escort is not a quick car and in difficult conditions (ice & snow) it must have been difficult to drive.

Ok, for sale I see a second cop car coming from Espoo. Escort turns towards Munkkiniemi and soon there are two cops behind it: a Mondeo and a Transit. The chase goes on. I do my best and try to follow. I want to see when cops pull the Escort to the side. But to my surprise the chase doesn’t stop. Lights disappear, and I can only hear sirens in the distance.

I continue towards Lauttasaari thinking what I’d do if I were the escape driver. Yes, I’d probably go down Mecheleninkatu towards Ruoholahti and continue Länsiväylä back to Espoo. Which is what the Escort driver does as well. On a bridge towards Lauttasaari I can hear & see & witness everything again. Escord climbs up from the city to Länsiväylä, Mondeo tallying close behind. Lots of siren sound. More cops following. My scene is perfect: I can see like 5 km of Länsiväylä from Helsinki to Keilaniemi, all way long.

But how many cops are there! One aften another new cop cars climb up from Ruoholahti to Länsiväylä. I try to keep record on them. Jesus! More than 10 cop cars chasing one filthy old Escord, which probably can not technically go faster than 140 km/h. Like 2 minutes after the Escort is gone new cop cars appear. Lights on, sirens on, going fast.

The next day I read from the paper that the Escort was bumbed towards snow just a couple of kilometres from where I saw them disappear into Espoo. It was questioned why they needed so many cop cars (officially 14 total) to chase one dirty Escort with a 20-year-old boy & girl driving away. I bet the cop didn’t consider his answer for too long. He replied: “If there’s a chase going on [announced on police radio] it isn’t that difficult to get volunteers to chase.”.

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