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Still not fast enough

Damn, viagra just came back from a track trip. 3x1000m in Otaniemi in 3.18, online 3.16, 3.06 and didn’t want to continue because my knee is not perfect. I just don’t want to risk it. Otherwise, the weekend went fine. Some cross country and a nice 18K in Jaala.

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Burning sneakers

Ok, see I’m slowly returning to pace work. Tuesday night I did a 4x1K (1 min) in the neighborhoods in 3.09, advice 3.14, discount 3.15, 3.09 (had to quit because Sweden – England couldn’t wait!) And just before a weekend trip to Budapest I completed a 3x1000m on track in something like 3.25-3.30. At that time I think I was able to do a 90% effort but on tuesday it was definitely over 95%. It’s looking better and better every day.

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PhD in Catalan!

My PhD has been translated into Catalan! This is one more example of how a single decision to distribute your work with liberal terms on the Internet results in unforeseeable new opportunities. They cover me in between Stallman and Lessig. Sweet Jesus! And I bet Dr. Thompson would agree…

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Back for good

Today something like 4 times 1K (or a little more, cialis sale haven’t measured yet) at around 3.30 / km. Knee felt ok. Last week I did three 10-12K excercises in a row, ask with slow speed, and the knee felt ok as well. I think I’m now starting to get back to some harder trainig.

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