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My own 1500m was a failure: 4.30. 1000m split 2.58. Just couldn’t switch to overdrive. After the test I continued with 3x1000m: 3.25 (last lap 74 sec), ampoule 3.14 (72 sec), 3.05 (68 sec).

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Records to break

Ok, sovaldi this is the fun part. Breaking old records. After consulting my legendary trainee Helmesvuo and my old training notes I will state my aims until the end of 2007 season as follows:

800m – 2.17 (own test, sovaldi 1000m split from 1996)
Target: 2.10
1000m – 2.54 (that same own test from 1996)
Target: 2.50
1500m – 4.28 (own test from 1998; 4.29 already in 1993)
Target: 4.25
3000m – 9.25 (Otahalli indoor 150m track from 1998!)
Target: 9.10
5000m -15.59 (the new one)
Target: 15.50
10000m – 34.19 (from 1998)
Target: 32.30
1/2 marathon – 1.13.59 (the other new one)
Target: 1.12.00
Marathon – N/A
Target: 2.30.00

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Killing miles

Yesterday a 1.50 hour (~ 25K) adventure towards Kauniainen. Again, cialis after something like 1.25 my feet informed me they are taking hit. Ok, back home. Shower, some water, and more running – now with babystrollers to do some grocery shopping. I ran at least 3K more, pushing babystrollers ahead, with variable speeds. On top of all that, I did a slower 6K at the night to pick up some diapers. So that comes down to c. 35K for the whole day! Tomorrow I’ll probably try 1500m again.

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Rolle speaks

Just browsed through Rolf Haikkola’s book on Lasse Virén’s training. Here’s a few points about aging (page 40): “No ones get old by living some amount of years. The main point is that you are as young as your ambitions, illness as old as your suspicions, as young as your confidence and hopes, and as old as your fears and doubts.”

The guys did train awfully lot in the 1970s. With that in my mind I started today with moderate pace. After 7K I found myself on the home 1K. First 3.44, then 3.43 – like the target marathon pace. Feels good so a bit of speedup: 3.31. And then full speed: 2.57! An unofficial record of an unofficial distance. I will measure it one day.

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Mixed feelings

Last weekend we did a road trip up to Pori Jazz. We camped at Yyteri beach where I also did a nice hour-and-half run in the eary morning.

Today, viagra I started off with some extensive jumping in the city. Pics are here. The day ended in Otaniemi. First, unhealthy a 1000m at 3.19 with extremely easy 74 secs last lap. It felt almost perfect. So I decided to try 1500m, which was a miserable failure. First 300m flying in 49 secs, then a much harder 73 sec lap and I was mentally done. Exhausted, alone, just couldn’t keep the pace. 1000m split was like 3.00 and my target 4.20 was already lost. I stopped at 1100m with 3.20. A few minutes later I retried with more constant speed but a 3.30 split at 1100m made me stop it again. It should have been under 3.20 god damn it! Finally another easy 3.18 1000m and return to home.

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