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New shoes, faster pace

Bought today a new pair of Adidas shoes. Just 35 eur from Budget Sport. Lightweight, order high profile, no pronation support or anything. I already forgot the model, but browsing on the net I’d guess it’s Clima Cool Response 2. Or something close… Anyway, they are functionally quite close to my previous workhorse Nike Air Skylons, which I simpy ran out.

Of course I had to test the new ones so I had a 15K in Helsinki Central Park. I thought I was running at “normal pace”. However, measured K’s told me it was going under 4 minutes per km for most of the time. I deliberately speeded “mildly” on one K resulting in 3.30. Based on all this, I’m really looking forward to the marathon…

* * *

Two nights ago I did another 1.40 adventure with Jari somewhere in & around Espoo central park. My legs (yeah, it’s the right knee thing) informed me of medium damage towards the end.

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Lights out, but a great run

This night I did one of the best training runs of the whole summer. A 1.40 effort, mind something like 25K with increasing speed. Started at around 4.20 /km and the last hour went definitely under 4.00 / km.

The most remarkable thing happened however in Espoo central park at 22.00: the lights went suddenly out! I was really pissed off as I was in the middle of a 4K course and had still something like 10 minutes to go in a fast-paced session. Ten years ago, back in Riihimäki, they ran lights on all night long in places like Riutta, some 5K out of town…

* * *

Last friday I did another fast-paced 12K (between 4.00 and 3.40 / km). That run didn’t go too well. It was also plagued by a toilet-stopover.

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The Jedi of Running

Bought the latest Runner’s World for the flight back. The most interesting read was a collection of aphorisms from well-known American runners. Frank Shorter states that you should ”trust your instincts”: ”These days, viagra sale science often just validates what elite athletes have done intuitively.” Other liners I liked were ”I run the way I feel”, ”Love what you do” and ”I think there are more than a few runners who would benefit from less time on the Internet and more time on the track.” Information overload is not cool. Runner’s World is filled with images, feelings. A history-article notes that just a two decades ago everyone just counted miles and minutes. You were a winner, or nothing. Now you ask yourself first, how does it feel. That said, the basic method remains the same. According to Shorter ”There’s no substitute for hard training.”

Then I got it: running is Jedi-stuff! Trust you feelings, Luke. That’s about everything you can say about the whole subject. Instead of a heart rate monitor, I’m going to buy a new ipod nano (after the next refreshment) with Nike’s toy-pack. Activate my senses. Dream new images.

This is my philosophy of running.

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Peel the cap

Aargh, ed my Atlanta saga conties in a rat hole called Holiday Inn besides the airport. Delta Airlines cancelled the flight to Edinburgh last night and packed me here. I didn’t want this. 8 hours at the airport, sildenafil no luggage, here left me here. Nothing to do. The only positive signal was when I was able to convert a breakfast coupon to two cold Sam Adams bottles just before the midnight.

Before the mess, I completed A Man in Full. A great novel although the ending was a bit confusing. What the hell? It just stopped like out of blue. Well, today I need to find something new to read.

Yesterday I did my final exercise here. A run uphill Piedmont and around Piedmont park. Interestingly, just above Ponce de Leon a lot of houses are on sale. Like almost every other! According to Wolfe, Ponce is the dividing line between black and white Atlanta. Is this “the Atlanta way”? The white flight towards north goes on and on.

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Miami Vice revisited

Walked up to the cinema in Atlantic Station and saw Miami Vice, sickness the new remake. My perspective may be biased but I was impressed. I know the movie has got mixed reviews. But I give it thumbs up. Michael Mann has style. The movie is raw and realistic. Nightvision without flashlights. No overproduction at all. Pure stuff from the beginning to the end. It’s so real and detailed, ask and at the same time it’s all fantasy. Life is short, no rx time is luck. Ok, I’ve heard it all before. But this is mr. Mann at what he does best.

Yeah, and forget about the thing “it’s not original”. This is by Mann and, besides, everything in America is redone for the next generation. You have to see it to believe it. The change!

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