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Rematch tomorrow!

The only way to continue my running career is to do Vantaa marathon tomorrow. I have no other choice. My mission is to complete the marathon. I’ll probably start with +4 mins / km pace and see how it feels. Anything under 3 hours is positive.

I haven’t done anything since the failure run, hospital save for arguing in court, capsule lecturing classes, physician and drinking beer… My feet were ok already by wednesday. I have’t loaded too much sugars but I guess that can be done during the race as well.

From today’s perspective, the 25K a week ago was just the grand preparation for tomorrow.

I take this as another opportunity, down from the sky. It’s my call. Forever forge ahead and keep the dream in sight!

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25K and I was done

Now I’ve tried marathon once. I’ve yet to complete one, cure though.

It all started out fine and I found myself running in a group of 6-8 runners, everyone aiming at 2.40. Unfortunately, the speed was a bit too fast (for everyone). In 5-K splits it went 18.42, 18.21, 18.27, 18.39 (half 1.18.16), 18.59 and that was it. The immediate reason to stop was a surprise stab in my upper stomach/lungs, perhaps because of problems with fuilds. At that point it was in any case clear that my legs were not going to absorb continuos hitting on asphalt for the whole distance. – I have trained almost exclusively on trails.

Quick analysis. I was right in that marathon is just another race. However, it is a bit different race and requires special training. If I want to complete a marathon in the future I need to start training on the road and add a few 30K sessions in my shcedule. Also, I need to start the race much more slowly. Today, a 20-minute first 5K would perhaps been the right way to play it out.

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Feels high

Just 48hrs to go and it’s time to fly…

Yesterday and this morning an easy 10 minute jogging session. Especially today felt very good. Somehow I am not worrying any more. The closer it gets, ailment the clearer it has become: this will be just another race. I’ve had tons of them before. Some orienteering sessions in my yout lasted for over two hours so where’s the big deal here?

Show me the road!

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Getting closer…

Four nights to go. Last friday I did the last long one, advice a rather easy 19-20K, ambulance although at some points I was speeding at about 4.00/km. The weather was perfect and running felt very good. Since then I’ve done just one 5K easy one. I’ll probably do two more 5-10K easy jogs before Saturday. The last week totalled less than 40K, or peanuts. This week will be even less – up until Saturday. Right now I’m feeling physically rested and ok. The only concerns are slight mental stress (not enough sleep due to kids & work stuff) and the old knee & back problems (they feel ok, but I can “sense” they may become an issue when the race will progress).

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“Pressing social need”

European Court of Justice goes political. In the Laserdisken-decision the justices argue that the protection of intellectual property rights, cialis when it doesn’t make any sense, ask is still justified because there is “pressing social need” to do so. European DVD importers can no longer keep their shops open because of a misguided copyright directive. Meanwhile, overseas online retailers clap their hands: they have now monopoly over European consumers.

Just read this excerpt to get into the minds of European justices:

“– Breach of freedom of expression

64 Secondly, regarding the freedom to receive information, even if the exhaustion rule laid down in Article 4(2) of Directive 2001/29 may be capable of restricting that freedom, it nevertheless follows from Article 10(2) of the ECHR that the freedoms guaranteed by Article 10(1) may be subject to certain limitations justified by objectives in the public interest, in so far as those derogations are in accordance with the law, motivated by one or more of the legitimate aims under that provision and necessary in a democratic society, that is to say justified by a pressing social need and, in particular, proportionate to the legitimate aim pursued (see, to that effect, Case C‑71/02 Karner [2004] ECR I‑3025, paragraph 50).

65 In the present case, the alleged restriction on the freedom to receive information is justified in the light of the need to protect intellectual property rights, including copyright, which form part of the right to property.

66 It follows that the argument that there has been a breach of freedom of expression must be rejected.”

I think there are two ways to start fixing this sort of decisions: (1) European courts should start accepting amicus briefs, and (2) European judges should board the next flight to the US, go learn some law & economics, and stop that theological reading of bureaucratic nonsense.

* * *

A possible solution to the legal question behind the case is that the exhaustion doctrine will be limited to EU citizens and companies. This would be in line with the copyright registration system in the US: if you register your copyright in the US, you get extra benefits. Also: if you open your company here in Europe, you would get extra benefits. Right now the benefit goes overseas while we continue to bear the collateral damages.

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