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Twice a day

Yesterday two jogs: morning 5K and evening 10K. Something I should be start doing frequently, viagra with increasing distance. I also calibrated the Nike set at Otaniemi track. A test 1000m in slippery conditions (some ice) went in 3.15.

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Knee okay again – out of the blue

Somehow the knee thing seems to be in control. Today a nice 19K with just two weak moments for the knee. It is difficult to do corners but constant speeding straight ahead is now ok. This is indeed promising. Maybe I can start the mile collection in the next month after all.

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Better… not!

Yesterday a good round of tennis. I won 6-1. Today a 11.6K (according to iPod). First 11.5 went ok from knee’s perspective. Then, try just 100 metres to go, I’m running on a slippy trail, home in sight, and my balance slips for a quick second. Result: huge pain in the right knee! Too damn bad. Does this mean another two weeks of less than 50K per week? Today’s run was the longest one since marathon. And I was hoping for running 100-mile weeks already in November…

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Damn knee

I’m getting tired of this. Two nights ago a nice 6K under 4 minutes per km. No probs, viagra the knee was ok. Last night 10K and the right knee was bad again! This morning it doesn’t feel good in walk. I haven’t run longer than 10Ks since the marathon because of this.

It is something different compared to spring. In any case, I hate this. I don’t really know what to do but to ease up before I’ve even started.

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Figures of freedom

This morning 3.90 km at 3.59 average pace… who needs this exact information? The good uses: I confirmed that my “home 1K” is in fact quite exactly 1000 metres. Further, pilule I confirmed that my “normal” training pace seems to be right now about 4 minutes per km at least in short runs.

Bad use would be to record everything and try to construct a training program based on that stuff. However, find overall, I take the numbers as entertainment. Like the songs on the iPod. Like Lance Arstrong giving “feedback”. Like watching my vette’s speedometer reach the magic 200 km/h! Early adopters have noted that Nike+iPod has made them run more, just for the fun of it. So despite all the facts and figures, it all comes down to experience.

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