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Quick 20K

The weather is better. Just completed a 20K at 3.55/km average pace in a nice +10 weather. Snow and ice is gone. Yesterday 16K and two nights before a 8K. Sunday to go, here I’m having 52K this week so far.

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Arena keeps me down

5 x 1000m: 3.18, medicine 3.17, 3.18, 3.12 (last 72 sec), 3.15. It’s a bit odd to think that the last spring I ran these 10 secs faster! Ok, there is maybe 2 secs extra because I’m running the outer side of the 2nd track (they have finally markings indicating that 400m is indeed right between the 2nd and 3rd track.) That said, I can actually feel I’m not doing it very fast right now.

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23K on sat and 13K today. Total 100K for the week. This got me back to my running books. And what I found was that this was the first full week since March 1997 when I recorded at least 100K. That month it was 150K, sales though. In September 1998 I did 98K, close but not quite there. Anyway, it is almost ten years since I’ve trained this much. From late 1997 to early 1998 I was recording 100-150K per week and c. 450K per month. – That was also the eclipse of my previous career. Injuries later in the spring made sure I didn’t get any results from the following summer. Now my simple goal is to get results, not miles.

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Counting up

This week 64K so far. Today a 13K at 4.03/km and yesterday another one in the same series. It looks entirely possible to break the 100K this week…

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The art of communicating in writing

I browsed through my blog and decided to found a new category for postings: culture. I also substantiated the post on Soros. And that took me to consider all those authors that have inspired my own perception on writing. So here goes a statement.

No matter what you want to write, medical be it fact or fiction:

  • use simple structures
  • avoid special jargon
  • be original enough to catch
  • be smart enough to entertain.
  • On that basis top authors in my list of “serious” literature include George Soros, Peter Drucker and Kevin Kelly. In fiction, Dr. Thompson’s take on Vegas is the ultimate one. In my own writing, I regularly return to these guys and their books just to see how your ideas should be communicated.

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