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100K for the week, 278K for the month

Pretty good 25K today at close to 4 minutes per km pace. Again along Espoo coastline, sovaldi this time all the way past the power plant. Rain last night had melted most of the ice. I think a lot of the recent problems with my legs can be credited to ice. I hate ice. On the other hand, pills it makes good training for the asphalt-hitting in a marathon.

Total for the month was something like 278K if I calculated it correctly. Minor leg problems and the short sickness just before Christmas taxed hopes for another 300+ month. Anyway, it is much better than the previous year at this time when 20K was the maximum I could do! Ok… new year, new targes.

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A better week ongoing

Christmas week ended with just 37K total. This week has been better: 16K, health 15K, 9K, then a nite off (in Sweden) and tonite some 22K along the Espoo coast. Nike+iPod seems to lose steps in the cold. It gives me 5+ minute kilometres even though I know I’m going under 4.30.

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Threw-up thingie

Another minor set-back with some problems with stomach. On tue I started slow recovery. First 4K, patient then 9K and today 8K. Lots of stuff happening at work & home has kept me rather busy. This all means just 21K for the first 4 days of the week. But hey, it’s three days to go!

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57K last week, a minor rupture suspected

I had to take a total of 3 days off the last week, purchase which ended with just 57K. Sat resulted in a nice 25K and thursday something like 7K, doctor wed 10K sharp. Paces slowered down to c. 4.15 / km but I wasn’t able to get the explanation until the sat long one: I must have a minor rupture in the left leg. It was probably the result of the 1000m speeding a week ago. Luckily I didn’t get into the test run to spoil everything… now just a week or two with this easy pace and I guess it should be alright.

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Legs feel done…

Today a 19K and yesterday late night 6K. My legs feel rather done though the pace today seemed to be c. 4.05/km. Somehow I’m hitting it the same frequency no matter how it feels. Next sat there would be our team’s test 8K. There are just a few late night dinners in between…

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