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10K in Arena

An excercise without much sense: 25 rounds in Arena in 35.59. Mostly 3.30-3.40, for sale last 3.13. Why it didn’t make sense? 10K on mondo is way too hard for my legs and knees even if the pace is not that fast and there is a bunch of fellow runners around. Shorter ones do much better.

Monday 8K, tue 6K and yesterday morning 8K before the track effort (14K total) makes it 36K so far.

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New book out

New year, patient new book out. This time it is about open content and co-authored with Herkko and Ville. My own favorite is the cover. Cool material, generic cool looks. Download the whole thing from this link or go do some shopping!

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62K total, legs done

9K at sat night and 5K this morning on top of the rest. My legs feel quite done now. Uphill exercise took its toll.

It looks like there is snow waiting for me in Finland. In other words Arena will be my dearest friend…

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Shorties in Switzerland, iPod reseted

I have to recall the beginning of the week from my memory. My iPod died because I loaded too much music on it; I also lost all the running history.

I think I had a 14K on tue, there then in Geneva 6K wed night, look again 6+6K thu morning and night, and 6K in fri morning. Then 5K at fri night in Weissbad and another 5K in the sat morning. Totals are something like 48K up to this point. In Geneva the problem was finding a good route, here the problem is darkness (workshop eats the daylight)… the scenery is anyway perfect.

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79K week

Pretty good totals for the week, shop which started with 7K, 7K and a rest day. Then 18K, an easy 8K and the hard one in Arena (15K). Today 24K in extreme conditions from Paloheinä back to Tapiola. The air was full of wet snow, near Munkkiniemi throwing in 90 degrees on your face. Cold wind punishing from the sea… Zeus!

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