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A very good Länsiväyläjuoksu, finished 2nd

Ran today Länsiväyläjuoksu. Officially titled 17.4K but in reality I’m guessing something between 17.7 and 18.0 may be the truth. Results here. Lost just two minutes to the 2005 Finnish marathon champion Petri Saavalainen (2846 in the pic above, sovaldi sale I’m 2229). Splits: 3K 10.23, 10K 35.04, 15K 52.16, 17K 59.03. The last “400m” took 2.18 so it was obviously close to 700m. Also, there was one K in the route that took some 4.5 minutes (another +300m) – there was a reroute around a bridge under reconstruction.

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Paris, nothing special

A three day visit to Paris. Just two runs. Last week totalled c. 60K with a 15K on sunday. Tried to produce miles on isle de pont but didn’t fare that well in hot conditions (+25, look sunlight). 3 x mile in 5.33, prostate 5.38 and 5.36. On monday an 11K with 1000m in 3.00 sharp. Otherwise just wine, white bread, and fatty cheese.

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Lauttasaari track is 350 metres

Major information to everyone out there: I received confirmation that the great old track in Lauttasaari measures 350 metres. Not ideal for any “traditional” distances but good to know anyway. I used to do 1000m intervals there and always had that odd feeling I don’t really know how long is the distance I’m running (I think I guessed it should be very close to 350m).

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Recovering from Karhu

It took a few days to recover from the relay. I had to take two days off. Tuesday 11K total in two runs. Wed 2 x 4K on inva at 14.30 and 13.52 (3 min break) with Jari. Total 12K. Thursday just another 9K plus an hour of tennis (defeat again).

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Karhu-viesti – the best run of the season so far

A very good 9.2 km final leg in Karhu-viesti this afternoon. Had that great flying touch on the road without a need to give in a sec at any time. Excellent weather – sunny, buy viagra not too hot, pills not too windy. Results here indicate that my time 30.14 meant c. 3.17 / km pace. That would translate to sub 33-mins in a 10K!

Legendary Jyrki Repola from our team reports (in Finnish):

Suurin hatunnosto kuuluu ilman muuta ankkuri Mikko
Välimäelle. 9,2 kilsaa aikaan 30.14. Yksin juostuna. Askel
rullasi todella mahtavasti kantapää heilahti
oikeaoppisesti lähes pakaran kautta kuten vauhdikkaassa
juoksussa kuuluukin. Tuomareilta tyylistä 19,5 pistettä,
koska maaliintulotuuletuksessa telemarkalastuloasennossa
jalkaterien välinen etäisyys jäi 5 senttiä liian

Jyrki’s message in short: it’s all about style!

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