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Is DRM legally meaningless?

Just proved DRM is more or less meaningless, doctor in most cases, sickness that is. I defended two hackers who were charged of manufacturing and distributing circumvention tools for DVD movies protected by Content Scrabling System (CSS). Granted, there is a DRM circumvention ban in copyright law, but fortunately it applies only to “effective” DRM. From our press release:

According to the court, CSS no longer achieves its protection objective. The court relied on two expert witnesses and said that “…since a Norwegian hacker succeeded in circumventing CSS protection used in DVDs in 1999, end-users have been able to get with ease tens of similar circumventing software from the Internet even free of charge. Some operating systems come with this kind of software pre-installed.” Thus, the court concluded that “CSS protection can no longer be held ‘effective’ as defined in law.” All charges were dismissed.

My own conclusion is that a protection measure is no longer effective, when there is widely available end-user software implementing a circumvention method. So keep on hacking and DRM becomes both technically and legally meaningless!

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Looks like the news must already hit Hollywood. The press release is linked on sites like Slashdot, BoingBoing, Gizmodo and Ars Technica.

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More speedwork

Track in Kauniainen: 3000m with 200 fast / 100 easy. Started with 33-34 sec, ailment then 35-36, last two in 34-35. Total 10.22. Unfortunately, the track was closed and I had to leave before another one. Added 2 x 1K at home route half an hour later: 3.06, 3.07. Especially the first one was easy.

Yesterday an easy 6K, the day before 12K. Week total just 29K so far… anyway, the muscle problem seems to be fading. Tonite I felt almost nothing.

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That’s my new official record in 1500m. Made it tonite in a local competition in Eläintarha. First three laps in 70, cialis 72, no rx 73. Rather pathetic overall. Had just 5+ mins to prepare for the race. – Yesterday another 10K (tried 20+ but the muscle issue forced to quit earlier) and week total 72K.

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More tempos

Last night two times 1000m warm-up in Otaniemi: 3.20, physician 3.18. Used Karhu shoes, discount which are not ideal for fast running. Total 11K. This afternoon a reprise of wednesday: 6 x 1K in 3.11, 3.08, 3.08, 3.06, 3.12, 2.58. Just a 1 min break for all. An excellent work-out.

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Some tempos

Tuesday a 10K with a few 100m sprints in the end. Last night a 4K with two times 1K at the “home track”: 3.20, troche 3.12. This served as a warm-up for this morning. 8K with 6 x 1K in 3.12, illness 3.07, 3.09, 3.10, 3.12, 3.00. First three breaks 1 min, the last two ones 2 mins. This was a very good exercise although the muscle issue isn’t yet gone. Hope it doesn’t get worse.

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