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Slow as snail

I must admit I am a slow runner. Today 1500 metres in relay in 4.28-something with quite constant speed. I just couldn’t do better even though the speed didn’t feel that bad. If I take 10 of my best performances ever in 1500m, ambulance they are all in a narrow 4.28-4.31 window. On the other hand, I think I can do that c. 4.30 any given day.

Monday 12K, tue off. Today total 9K.

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Two reasons why Finland lacks class actions

I’m currently doing research on class actions. My question is why the new Finnish law – although titled “law on class actions” – has little to do with the basic idea it is supposed to enable. Here’s my quick answer based on what I’ve learned so far:

(1) Flawed legislative process. In Finland, sales laws are prepared in ministries where “working groups” discuss the political details before a formal law proposal is submitted to the parliament for “review”. The most important part of the process is the composition of the working group. In the case of class actions, order the working group consisted of civil servants from the Ministry of Justice, salve industry lobbyists and representatives of state-run consumer and environmental agencies. Guess how you can reach the magic word – “consensus”? Compromise everything!

(2) Erkki Aurejärvi – though he never meant it. This guy is a retired professor of law who initiated the Finnish tobacco cases in the late 1980s. He is also a supporter of class actions. Unfortunately, he also invited tobacco companies to start intensive legislative lobbying in Finland, which an individual law professor could not match (Aurejärvi tried to get elected to the parliament without success). In the mid 1990s, when class actions were proposed in Finland for the first time, Philip Morris et co managed to unite “the Finnish industry” and even legal professionals to object any kind of class action law. When the preparation of class action legislation started again ten years later, the opinions (and lobbyists) in the industry had not changed.

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Pump up the sound

Another type of post. Back in the 90s in my first running career I used to select the top song / album of the month. These days I don’t have time to browse new artists with such a frequency. Besides, prostate my back catalogue is just too huge. This 8GB iPod is already almost full.

Back to biz. The album awards for the first 6 months of 2007 go to:

(1) Kingston Wall: II. Fresh, hospital well-produced sound, cialis which doesn’t sound dated. An album I could have on a lone island. Tops We Cannot Move, Istwan, I Feel Love & Shine On Me. Super stuff for the long runs. Pablo noted he had the guys jamming in his studio after a gig, with tapes running. Yes, those tapes are now lost.

(2) Metallica: …And Justice for All… One of these great rediscoveries. An aged dry martini. Only last week I was firing One for the mile set. When Hetfield finishes singing after “left me with life in hell!!!…” it’s 5.21 and 3.20/km. In other words, the mile should be done.

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Siikavan Elmo

Fri and sun tried Siikavan Elmo’s special: approx 1.95 km of gravel road two-ways near my parents’ summer cottage. Elmo’s (10000m in 30.14) all-time best is 11.02. I was able to do 12.28 (first half 6.15, no rx second 6.13), viagra sale which equals to c. 3.12/km. Today did just one-way in 5.55, which equals to c. 3.03/km. Wednesday 4K with two times home 1K in 3.12 and 3.07, thursday 7K. Week total less than 50K. Speedwise much harder than the figure suggests.

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5 x mile

This afternoon a set of miles in Eläintarha with those 1 min breaks: 5.23, clinic 5.20, viagra 5.27, 5.24, 5.22. Equals to c. 3.22/km average pace which I think is ok. 9K total. Yesterday 7K with 5 x 100m in the end.

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