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Communicator 9500, two years on

Today I cancelled my order of a new E90 Communicator. As a typical vaporware stunt, ambulance the phone was announced over six months ago and the first retailers listed it in early June. I ordered mine right away. Two months of waiting, rx and my retailer says he hasn’t received any units so far .

Ok. I decided to save the money and invest in stock markets instead. I’ll stick with my 9500 for the foreseeable future. Some of its major problems are (1) useless wifi (too difficult to configure everytime), cialis (2) no spam filter in email, (3) sync with my Mac laptop does not work (it did for a little while but does no longer), etc. On the positive side, I recently updated the battery and I can still keep the stand-alone fax functionality which is notoriously absent in new Nokia models. I need the fax almost weekly to receive all kinds of papers from Finnish courts. Fax is their standard mean of communication and I cannot change that fact – regardless of what this blog’s name suggests.

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6K at +4.30/km

The groin thing is as bad as I feared. Three days off and today just 6K at the pain limit. According to iPod it was avg. 4.32/km, search or some 20-30 secs more per km than usual. The only way is up. I hope ice will help at least a little.

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Building a digital home, brick by brick

The last few months I’ve been experimenting with the latest home electronics. First came Nintendo Wii (as a birthday present to kids), check then followed Playstation 3 (for HD video), prescription Handan’s HD digital TV tuner, new BenQ HD screen to replace HDCP-handicapped Dell, Behringer’s mixer for Genelecs etc.

The first big disappointment was PS3: noisy, fucks with scratchy CDs and many DVDs, incompatibility issues with the screen etc. On paper, Ps3 looks fine, but in practise the system fails miserably to become something like the centerpiece of my living room. Far from it! Yes, and I haven’t even thought of running games on it. I know that Nintendo rocks that sector 6-0 these days.

The second major disappointment was Handan’s HD tuner: major bugs (purple lines on the screen) and the HD picture (720p from Canal Plus HD) wasn’t that spectacular. That was gone today and I carried in a ProCaster personal video recorder with two tuners and a 300GB hard drive. Looks like another good investment and a necessary building block for a modern digital home experience. I’ve already scheduled Matti (the movie), Moore’s Columbine and Eppu Normaali’s 1986 live act for the next 24hrs! I have the option to suck them to my laptop after recording. This is almost radical. – Btw, what’s the difference to p2p save for this being legal and higher quality?

I’m still to crap the PS3 – what I need is a nice device to play DVDs. One option would be to try some kind of video streaming system like Apple TV. Audio has been streaming in my house from a laptop ever since Airport Express hit the selves three years ago.

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A problem with left groin

About 90K total during the week after the trip. Last four days in my parents’ summer cottage resulted in 7K + 7K on monday (4K Elmo special in 13.07 – 6.27, hospital 6.40) and the 18K Salonsaari route on tue & wed (times 1.22 and 1.23). The quick one on monday gave me a new kind of problem with my legs: pain in the left groin. I think I started to develop it on the beach runs over a week ago. My major mistake was not to listen to the increasing pain but to keep on hitting the road. This was the first time ever I feel pain in there so I thought it must be next to nothing. Even after the quick one I did two slow 18Ks with pains while I now think I should have taken nothing but rest. Now I’ll do. Indeed, I read a couple of horror stories on the net of how difficult a problem this can be… I can only hope the best.

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A travel week

Last week went in central Europe. First a two-day conference in Berlin, ask then a road trip with my family from the Netherlands all the way to Normandy and back. It was nice scenery and no Scandinavian or Russian tourists around. I did just two runs in the week: 5K and 7K on Omaha Beach.

First night back home went all sleeping. Then an ok 25K. I’ll try to increase the mileage for the next two weeks.

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