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Better training ongoing

Just two nights after the race did a very good 22K including a quick 3K in 10.12 (3.29, treat 3.23, hospital 3.20). Then an easy 6K and another 7K yesterday – quitted early because legs didn’t feel good. Today four times 2K on home track: 6.54, 6.48, 6.47, 6.49. 1 min breaks. Felt better towards the end though I felt like missing the high gear. Haven’t done any sub-3.10 kilometer aftet the 5K race in July…

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10000m in 33.44,01

Mixed feelings. It was my personal best, hospital the leg was ok, and the race overall for the first 8K or so. Speed was flat and no big surprises anywhere. I didn’t feel tired towards the end. Weather was ok, though sunny.

The clear if came after 8K: pretty similar stomach pain I had in the first marathon attempt last fall. I kind of came in two parts the last five laps. I’m pretty sure I could have done them 5-10 secs quicker, stomach being ok. More unclear if was my decision to do constant 3.20-3.22 Ks from the beginning. A group of 5 or so runners started with quite constant 3.18 speed but I decided to run on my own. Maybe I should have joined them. I thought the weather was too hot for even trying, but … what the hell. I should have, could have… damn!

On one hand it feels like I should try 10Ks on track one more time this year. This is a clearly inferior result compared to the 5K. There is an option some ten days from now in Tampere. On the other hand – and this is more realistic – it was my personal best and I was just maybe that 15-20 secs from the optimum at the moment. Face it – the next big thing is the marathon. I can do sub 33-minute 10K on track anytime afterwards.

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Cutting it quick

Bought the latest WASP disc Dominator. Pretty good stuff. Blackie Lawless is an interesting artist since he has created a bunch of very different records. Some of them are brilliant, case others close to crap.

The first couple of albums in the 1980s were great rockers of the time. Then he made one of the best concept albums ever, click Crimson Idol, in 1992. After that, his career went down big way. Crappy CDs one after another. Next concept album failed (1995), 1980-copycats failed as well (1997, 1999, 2001 – the last one being the best of these). Then, out of the blue, in 2002 he made a quick album that ended up being on par with Crimson Idol. Dying for the World is a concept album based on 9/11 that simply delivers. After Dying, again a major process in creating a two-disc concept projet called Neon God. Total failure that came out in 2005. Now, in 2007, another quickie is out. Kind of following to Dying, Dominator does not quite reach its level but comes close.

This made me think how much it matters to cut it quick if you want to deliver something truly creative. Be it a novel, tune, or flick, it often pays to cut it quick. Just to get the spirit on record. And it also makes sense to cut the whole stuff quick, not just first chapter, track or scene.

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Long one

A 1.49 hour effort with Jari all the way to Ikea and back today. Maybe 24-25K. Overall a pretty good run with modest pace. I think I experience my “greatest hits” of leg and foot problems during the run: right knee, look left foot, here left groin, search etc. Not that bad, however, just a momentary sense here and there that there had been problems in those parts of my running tools. My conclusion is that I need a bunch of these long ones before I can enter the marathon.

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Speeding further

Tried miles on monday in Eläintarha. Didn’t fare well in the sunshine, tadalafil however. Just 5.37, case 5.35, 5.31 and that was it. Tue just a 6K and then yesterday a great 21K with close to 3.30/km speed towards the end. Today, a strange muscle problem with the left leg.

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