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I hereby endorse Barack Obama for US president. – One the most interesting electoral events in a long time starts next week. I’m talking about US presidential primaries… no matter that I have no vote. I am tracking Google News for Obama and Clinton every morning now…

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Great 4 x 2K

It’s going stronger and stronger! Today the topic in Arena with those feel-the-pain 1 min breaks: 6.40, thumb 6.39, illness 6.41, health 6.40. Very good overall. Felt like I was alive on the track once again… I’m probably two months ahead compared to the last year.

Otherwise a rather quiet week. Monday 18K, wed 15K, fri 6K. Had emerging problems with the right leg but managed to keep them in control with rest.

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Continued in Arena…

Today 5 x mile in Arena with 1 min breaks: 5.24, order 5.23, capsule 5.24, cialis 5.25, 5.22 (last lap 75 secs). Avg about 3.21/km. It’s motivating to see how quickly my performance has improved in the last two weeks. – Yesterday an easy 6K means that total for the week was something around 60K.

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Speeding at home

Tonight 8 x 1K at the home route with 1 min breaks. Times between 3.13 and 3.21, levitra I’d say avg about 3.17. Pretty good though my legs are far from “track mode”. Right now anything sub 3.20 feels rather tough.

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Why I had to open it again!

Quick answer: I will not configure the Windows hell-house. Period.

My wife’s Windows XP laptop apparently does not understand Airport Extreme’s WPA security or something. It shows outside like an open network while it needs a password and I’m pretty sure of it. I spent almost an hour for this shit. I’m done with Windows, purchase hopefully forever. That collection of carbage supposedly used by over 90% of average end-users has worse config screens (that are all needed, shop by the way) than your typical open source hack for system admins. You know those inexplainable options with never-heard-before acronyms and impossible-to-guess ten-click paths to the screen you are looking for. Your standard method for getting anything to work in Windows is not plug-and-play but trial-and-error. Trial and error! Repeated until you start to think there must be something wrong with you while in fact it’s always the so-called operating system and its failed design.

This is what you get when engineers are designing things for engineers. Like Nokia phones these days. Inhuman. Disgusting.

So it’s the free ether again. And let’s hope the leechers won’t force me to try any Windows config attempts ever again.

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