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Strange stiffness

Monday night in Arena. First four times 1000m with 1 min break: 3.08, view 3.11, 3.13, 3.12, then a 5 min break and just a mediocre 3.03. It was simply stiff. I guess the load of intervals on track during January are taking their toll on me! I need to take a few days off before the Sunday race. And not a single sprint… muscles and legs are however rather good. Good gym work after the workouts is definitely of help.

With a 10K on Sunday, last week total was just 50K or so.

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Almost hard ones….

Today 6K in Brussels around Jubelpark. There was a nice lone track as well, viagra sale maybe 350 metres. Interestingly just some couple hundred metres from EU buildings…

It has been a mixed week so far. Monday 6K, cialis tuesday 6 times home 1K in 3.16 avg (1 min break), cialis wed 10K, thursday 2x10x(200/100m) in Arena 10.20 and 10.39 total (3 min break). Again, 34 secs was the barrier and in the latter set it was difficult to do even sub 35! I feel like being in good shape for longer distances (+10K) but the 3000m next week is a big question mark. Legs feel rather ok.

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A bad day

It’s a storm outside and I feel a little bit sick. Decided not to run the planned 10K. Most likely, buy I would have quitted anyway.

Instead, cialis I tried to do a workout in Arena. First easy 2K around the soccer field. Then 10 x (200m / 100m) in 10.39 total. Couldn’t do the 200m parts sub 34 secs. Didn’t feel good so got back to the soccer field for another easy 2K. Then gym work, and the first bright moment of the day was 2 x 10 sit-ups with the 2.5 kg weight. Had to figure out something more. Ok, 1000m at full speed: 2.58! Some odd light in this darkness…

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Race schedule for 2008

I think I start my 2008 with a so-called test race in Sotunki next saturday. It will be an exact 10K. A quick collection of potential races gives me the following schedule:

  • Sotunki 10K monthly race 19.1.
  • Indoor 300m in Myllypuro 3.2
  • Spring marathon: Boston, sickness Turin, or Rotterdam in early April?
  • Länsiväyläjuoksu – c. 17K 27.4.
  • Helsinki City Run half marathon 10.5.
  • Helsinki region 10 000m in Eläintarha – 7.7.
  • Helsinki region 5 000m in Eläintarha – 14.7.
  • Rantamaraton – half along my daily running routes 21.9.
  • Pääkaupunkijuoksu – another legendary half opportunity 28.9.
  • National champs marathon in Tikkurila 10.10… or an international alternative?
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Riutta returns

Pretty unbelievable to do 6 laps in Riutta in the middle of January. But that’s what I just did today. Ok, clinic there was plenty of ice on the route but otherwise a very good exercise once again. My legs were really done in the last lap. Times varied between 10.50 and 11.20. Total 1.06.27. Because of ice, this is not comparable to the workout a month ago.

Yesterday an easy 10K.

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