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Like a beach

An extremely odd one at Inva: 4K+ 3K + 2K + 2K with 2 min breaks: 13.58, viagra 10.25 (middle lap on asphalt in 3.24), thumb 7.08, viagra 7.06. Inva’s wet track was soft like a beach today. A race in Arena’s soccer field a year ago came also to my mind… It was pretty hard to push sub 3.30/km. It wasn’t me or my legs or anything. It was just the track (and maybe shoes). On a work-out like this, you shouldn’t check the stopwatch that often. Anyway, I really liked it. Simply hard training with no risk whatsoever to damage your legs…

Yesterday 10K. Last week 62K total with 16K on Sunday.

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SIF test run 27.01

A very solid 8K test run this morning in Sjundeå (avg 3.22/km). I ran all the way alone in a nice sunshine. Headwind in the latter half took some seconds as well as those 30-40 meters extra in the first K when I wasn’t sure of the route… first half 13.28, drugstore second 13.33… With a running bud or two I think 27 mins will be no barrier at all. And in an actual race, ampoule I’d be probably looking for breaking 26…

Monday 20K, tue 9K, wed-thu in London (no Ks), fri a 7K.

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Confident running

Last week total c. 86K. Yesterday a 9K, decease today a very good 20K sub 4.00/km. Running feels confident right now.

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A good week ongoing

Tonite 19K, check thu 10K, wed 10K, tue 20K, and mon 7K makes the week 66K so far with two days to go. I haven’t run fast since the 3000m race. Legs feel pretty good.

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US elections as a stock market

So it wasn’t quite over like I thought a month ago. Clinton came back – for a moment. I still believe Obama wins dem nomination and the eventual race against McCain. But that’s just my belief. What the last month shows more than anything else is the fact that US elections have a close resemblance to stock markets. Booms, unhealthy busts, unpredictability, everything. Fundamentals do matter, but not much.

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