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SIF test 26.26

A very good test run in Sjundeå today. Nice sunshine, thumb +3, viagra dry road, just a little wind. Compares to c. 3.18/km. Had to wait some 5-10 secs before the turn since I wasn’t sure where we should do the turn exactly. – Yesterday off.

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Some speeding on a double-run day

Hmm.. looks like I somehow managed to lost the previous post. Last week total was 60K if I remember correct.

This week started with a nice 22K in Karjalohja, case at around 4.00/km speed. It was cool to run in the countryside on a sunny day as we had finally received some serious snow.

On tue went to Arena, ambulance 5 times mile in c. 3.29/km avg. Took it slower to avoid any kind of leg problems. Also my new Air Skylons proved to be very slow on track (or am I just accustomed to Adidases?). Wed off, purchase and today first 16K in the morning and then another 16K in the evening including 3 times a road mile with Jari. Speeds up to 3.20/km. Had some stomach problems because of too much cinnamon bun & coffee before the workout.

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Last week 60K, this week more

Started the week with a very good 22K in Karjalohja at about 4.00/km speed. Tonite in Arena, prescription 5 x mile rather slowly in 5.32, see 5.30, 5.35, (pee break), 5.40, 5.38. 1 min breaks, something like 3.29/km avg. The idea was to run slow to avoid muscle problems. Didn’t feel easy though. 10 sec faster per km would have been really difficult today.

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iPhone and the essence of computer games

I’ve stuffed my iPhone with several games that remind me of the “classics” I used to play as a kid. I am not referring to just emulators but also games developed just for iPhone.

iCopter – pictured above – is a great example. A straightforward game where you try to keep a helicopter flying forward with single taps on the screen. What makes this game addictive is the quick cycle: typically you will be dead in less than 30 secs and even the best runs take less than a minute. It’s so tempting to try again! My record so far is 546 1263 points (game version 0.1). Can you fly further than that?

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Mixed week

I’ve now had pretty many of these mixed weeks. This week’s special was the pulling of a sore tooth on wed. Monday 18K in Paris (excellent for a morning city run), cheap thu 6K, sales fri 13K, this sat 15K at about 4.00/km. Overall looks good though I will definitely need a couple of harder / quicker ones before the races begin.

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