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Just another uninspiring performance

Länsiväylä was just another race. Tallied the leaders first 3Ks in 9.45, cialis sale then dropped down to c. 3.30/km speed for the rest of the run. Legs felt done. After I lost contact with the leaders I didn’t see anyone. Finished 3rd, time about the same as last year. But wasn’t as fast since the route was maybe 200m shorter this year. I think I start looking for mileage again. The next race could be 10 000m on track in late May or early June.

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Länsiväylä in sight, but will my legs make it?

Yesterday off and 5K this morning. I would have liked my legs to feel like this on Tuesday at latest. They are not fresh but they are “ok” for regular runs (not for hard / long ones). The scarfs are now mostly ok. I am planning to do a 10K or so tonight. Slow speed, purchase and just hope my legs will make it for the Sunday race.

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Building up

Been running a little every day since the meltdown. Monday 3K with some pains in scarfs and muscles, viagra sale tuesday here in Turku maybe 7K with huge pains all over leg muscles, cialis today two times that 7K with some muscle pains. Paavo Nurmi’s stadion is a nice place to run. The route is just 1.4K but the scenery rules.

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Running in Turku?

Next three days in Turku. Daytime sitting in a courtroom, search nights running, hopefully. Tried tonite an easy 3K, still tons of pains all over my legs. If I had done the half until the end… I would not even imagine how long a break I would need…

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Shot down with bloody scarfs….

Still up… Hellström in front and Veijalainen behind. Pic: Jyrki Repola.

At around 13K I ran at the back of a group of 4-5 runners. Speed bump on the road. I didn’t notice it. I fell. “Fuck!” was all I managed to say. Blood on the knee, check blood on the elbow, blood on the nose! For a quick second I thought about doing Virén and return to race, but as my knee signaled it may have got some damage I quit.

Some speculation. The race started out with pretty constant sub 1.12 speed. I was feeling the muscles of my both legs were far from perfect but otherwise running was easy. After around 10K it started to feel better. Either the pace slowed down or my legs were just warming. Just before the accident, after 12K mark, I took my caffeine-powered gel. I was having a feeling of “now the race is about to start…”. And then it all went down… The group I was running with clocked in times in between 1.12 and 1.13. It would have been my personal best, no doubt on that. But clearly I wouldn’t have achieved that sub 1.12 today.

Next up probably Länsiväylä. On condition these scarfs do not take a toll on my running, of course.

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