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Feels confident

Just a short 6K tonite. Yesterday a 9K. Legs are good, sick and overall, cialis I don’t have any dubio of any issue at the moment. I feel very confident towards the upcoming 10000m on Sunday.

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Cooper 3620m

Right after the mad run

Another legendary cooper test with Mikko Lehtonen today at Eläintarha track. Lehtonen lost less than two laps doing 2850m. Last round was in spring 2006. That wasn’t anything spectacular. But before that we had the legendary one in Oulunkylä track in spring 2005 when I had just started to run again. In Oulunkylä I took it like a race with full preparation, sovaldi track shoes, doctor and everything. I managed just short of 3600m and was very surprised to do such a great result. I remember however being completely dead after the run. So was Lehtonen.

Today it became legendary mainly because of circumstances. I had the achilles thing over the weekend and had sent a text message that we need to cancel the race. I took it off from my calendar. Then, out of the blue, I got a call at 11:52 today when I’m browsing in the University of Helsinki library. It’s Lehtonen.
“So you are warming up here somewhere?” he goes
“What? Where… are you at Eläintarha now? What the fuck?” I’m realizing it right away
“Yes… so I guess you are not?”
“You didn’t get my text message? My achilles was bad and I wanted to postpone this.”
“What message… you must have used my old number…”
“Ok, so I fucked it up… well… the achilles is ok now and, besides, I have sneakers… how much time you got?”
“Half an hour.. got to get back to work…”
“You can hold for 10… 15 minutes…? I’m getting there what the fuck!”

It’s 11:57 and I call from Kaisaniemi park, running, my laptop hitting the back, and my jeans getting wet.
“You have a stopwatch?” I ask
“You got a Nokia phone? They must have some functionality like that, find it out!”

It’s 12:06 and I call again.
“I’m right behind the corner so get ready. You have a watch for us?” I shoot
“No, it doesn’t give you seconds, just minutes”
“Well, ok, my iPhone has a music player, let’s put Dire Straits’ Telegraph Road, it shows you elapsed time!”

A quick toilet visit, jeans off, iPhone gives me actually a nice stopwatch with big numbers, and at about 12:10 we are on! I’d say it was a pretty strong run with zero preparation in underpants, Karhu’s not-so-fast shoes and a thick sweater. Lehtonen did also rather good. We planned to do the next round in August and targets are 3800/3000m respectively.

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Am I able to do the 10K?

Had terrible feeling the last few days. Maybe I can’t run the 10K race next Sunday at all

I’ve had some kind of odd feeling around the right achilles tendon since uphills in Bologna. On friday, sovaldi as I was planning to do some intervals, the tendon signaled suddenly an acute pain after just 500m of running. I walked back and had sat and sun off.

Now on Monday I didn’t know what to do. For some reason I decided to do an easy one. First hundreds of meters ok… let’s do the standard 6K. And it was ok. Speeds normal. Did some ice afterwards… Was that it? Well, if I want to do the race, I need to check the speed. So at night went out to home 1K. Again, like a step in the dark I started the first speedy one. 2K in 6.25. Not bad, and the tendon felt “ok”. 1 min break, 6.36, 2 mins, 6.35. Maybe I am just lucky and the achilles thing wasn’t that bad after all?

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DJ Online rulez

Been running mighty DJ Online radio system on my home setup for a while now. This is the stuff my friend Pablo has been developing the last five years or so (I might even own some shares). The system simply pumps up the sound. Sucks high quality tagged oggs according to “taste”, sovaldi sale sends them with little help from Airfoil to my Genelecs in the living room. This is a sort of a next-gen radio — for copyright reasons targeted first at public use — with tons of interactivity possibilities and a change to learn about new artists. Robyn singing now. Why didn’t I know this artist (by name) before? Guess I should use DJ Online exclusively now.

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Great sceneries uphill

Where to run in Bologna? That was the question I made when I opened my fifth floor hotel room’s window the other day. The city itself turned out to be full of scooter and bus exhaust (even though there are serious traffic limitations within the old city) but the hills nearby looked very nice. Google Maps showed green over there so I decided that was the direction…

On wednesday I did first a 6K up to a nearby hill (Via dell’ Osservanza). Then yesterday and today I approached troche _Bologna”>San Luca, click first a 12K stint (Via di Casaglia) and today a very exhausting 18K to the other side (Via di Casaglia + Via di Monte Albano). I did not cross the place itself as I wasn’t sure of the routes. Now that I’ve checked them on Google Maps again it looks like I should have just continued the way I did. On the other hand, then the run today would have been a bit shorter. Overall, I’m excited to see how this uphill training will show up in my upcoming 10K race.

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