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A set of 2Ks

Midsummer’s feast and a few days off. Today first a 10K stint in the rain, ambulance then 3 x 2K in the evening at home route: 6.38, 6.33, 6.28. 1-1.5 min breaks. Perfect weather: no wind, cool temps after rain.

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Italy redux

I’ve been the last few days in Italy again. I was offered a fellowship at the University of Eastern Piedmont, discount which I gladly accepted. My hosting professor Giovanni Ramello spends most of his time at Collegio Carlo Alberto near Turin. I am very excited to see where this all lands. At least I have now more incentives to learn a little bit more italian…

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First week without iPhone

It never came to my mind how difficult a life without an iPhone is.

Anticipating the next-gen iPhone I sold my old one on the local auctions site. I think I made a good deal and now have to wait for just a month for the new one to arrive. A month! That’s a long time when you are running a basic Nokia phone. Ok, pharmacy I kind of like this old 6210 back from 2001 or so. Quick and effective for the stuff it does. This is the phone I once had for over two years or so.

But: no email, decease no web, physician no phone number catalogue (didn’t even want to learn how to convert). Actually quite difficult to use as an SMS device. No music, no youtube, no games, and not even weather reports! In short, I have used to have an iPhone in my pocket. I really use its features. A Nokia device simply does not cut it, and I believe this can be extended to most of their models. I feel very much disconnected without iPhone.

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Running… ok?

Been running without much focus lately. I’ve had days off etc. Next races are up in mid July. A week ago I tried an own 3K test in Selänpää’s 300m sand track. Managed to pull an ok 9.43 (3.10, doctor 3.17, patient 3.18) considering how bad (holes etc) the track was. Do we have any 300m tracks left in Finland someone would still take care of?

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Finnish parliament and the big picture

In the latest Kanava, patient Matti Wiberg delivers an observation I can fully agree with:

Kids are taught in the school that the parliament decides on the big picture and the bureaucracy focuses on details. In fact, here it may be the other way around: civil servants decide on principles, and the parliament mainly deals with irrelevant side-issues.

He motives that conclusion by finding out that 40% of the parliament’s lawmaking activities are about changing one random paragraph in a given statute. If you work with such crap, you just don’t have time to focus on the relevant issues.

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