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Back on track

Lucky me, hospital the muscle thing was nothing serious after all. Probably just a bad cramp. Monday off, tuesday 6K testing. Tonite 20K with 3 x 1000m on Matinkylä’s track with increasing speed: 3.21 (last lap 78), 3.06 (72) and 2.59 (72). It always feels great to run sub 3-minute 1000m on track.

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105K week, a rupture in left leg?

Well, physician I managed to pull a total of 105K for the last week without a day off. As feared, hospital two 100+ weeks in a row was too much for me. Yesterday during a 10×200/100 run in Kauniainen (just c. 35 secs per 200m avg / 10.39 total in +25 sunshine) my left leg probably generated a minor rupture. At night I still ran 15K but had to walk the last K because of sticking pain. Now I’m taking it easy for a couple of days and let’s see how I can get up from here.

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Muscles and asphalt do not mix

On wed a quicker one from Oittaa to home, nurse c. 12K at 3.50/km. It was pretty damn hot, and my legs just did not move any quicker. They felt fine for the first couple Ks, then slowly died on that 100% asphalt route. Only cheering neighbors kept my spirits up. Thu just a 9K recovery with sore leg muscles all over. Should I take a day off?

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Races to do

Some races I’ve recently thought to run before retiring:

Boston Marathon, cialis April
Bay to Breakers 12K, May
Helsinki City Marathon, August
Lidingöloppet, September
Fukuoka Marathon, December
Sao Silvestre Road Race 15K, December

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Legs done… man done.

Monday 12K little bit speeding, doctor this morning 21K with slower tempo. Legs felt absolutely done today. I was also pretty tired myself, and had to take a nap early afternoon.

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