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Harder running ongoing

Pretty heavy stuff today: running up to inva, recipe where first 3K in close to 10 mins chasing Vane, mind then 5K more at around 3.40/km, and back home. Felt a bit tired. Yesterday a nice 16K with one random 1000m in about 3.04 at Matinkylä track. Planned to hit the track next for some quick laps, maybe on Monday?

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Upcoming running gadget stuff

Ok, online this is most probably it: when they add iPhone’s GPS mapping to the Nike+ sensor I’m done with the idea of having that Garmin’s kit. With iPhone+Nike I can even take calls during my run (not that I’d like to do that). The only thing is to find a reliable and comfortable water/sweatproof case for the phone. And I think I can live without that heart rate monitor for now…

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It was a great race until 4K! God damn it, pharmacy I just couldn’t cut it today. Pace was great as 3K was announced in 9.34 with me leading. The first time I checked my own stopwatch was at 3800m, and it showed 12.06. I had planned to do an in-race 3800m cooper and at that point, seeing those extra secs and Marko Heiskanen leaving me behind, I kind of started to lose it. Two more guys passed me by in the final three laps. The lead went 15.46, 15.54, 15.56, so the pace would have been good to the finishing line… Anyway, congrats to Marko Veijalainen for a new PB.

My final opportunity for a new PB in 5000m would be Eltsu in 10 days.

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An experiment with heart rate monitor…

Did my first run ever with a heart rate monitor, store kindly on loan from a Suunto guy Terho. What did I learn? After warming up I was doing about 4.00/km speed at around 140 rates. In slight uphill the rate went up to 150, and in slight downhill I had maybe 135. After the 10K run I cooled down a few secs for the rate to reach 100. Then a 100m sprint uphill at 2.50/km pace, and the monitor gives me 155. Ok. I don’t have any idea what these numbers mean, but I am now considering — in the long term — into buying one. Maybe from the States, where they are much cheaper than here.

* * *

Did some Google research and if I want to play with data the only thing I can even consider is Garmin Forerunner 405. There are two major Finnish gadget firms, Suunto and Polar, but they do not apparently understand anything about open data and Mac compatibility. I’m only wondering should I talk to them or a start a competing firm?

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New PB in Cooper

Lehtonen (2nd), online Välimäki (1st), remedy Ranki (3rd)

Ran today the occasional cooper with Mikko Lehtonen & Esa Ranki in Eläintarha. Managed to record a hefty 3720m surpassing my 13-year-old army record by 10 metres! Lapped the both guys two times… they could have done a bit better…

At night 8K 3.35-3.45 with Jari at Inva + 5K warm-up to get there. Yesterday 7K in the morning rain and 16K at night. Last week 70K total.

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