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A 90K week and going strong

Last week gave finally something worth posting about. Monday and sunday off, buy viagra but the five days in between generated mighty 90K. Tuesday 12K as posted, Wed 22K, Thu 21K, Fri 18K with 4 times to the top of the Paloheinä hill. Sat another 17K with 5K speeding (c. 3.40-3.50/km) with Jukka Pasanen.

This week starts with an easy 6K early afternoon, legs rather done, and another 6K at night in Arena just before they close. Managed to do three times a mile with one minute breaks: 5.23, 5.21, 5.23. Actually a good idea to stop there considering how hard I have suddenly started to train…

In other running news Vane posted that a sub 1.11 half might not do it after all. They have apparently changed the rules and, accordingly, I should run a sub 32 min 10K road race (or 25 laps on track) to qualify. That 1.11 half was conceivable but 32 on ten sounds almost impossible at the moment…

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New target: sub 1.11 half!

Ran today the occasional inva set with Vane. This time 6 x 1K with 2 min breaks. Vane was from another planet, sick clocking in 3.07 something almost every round. My times were in the 3.10-3.15 range. Nothing special.

The main point was that Vane told me they’ve dropped the qualification time in half marathon to 1.11 (3.22/km). This means that if I run half in 1.10.59 or quicker, levitra I would qualify for 10 000 m in the legendary Kalevan Kisat, the Finnish National Athetics Championships. A worthwhile goal. Whether I do it or don’t, I’ll pass the marathon until fall.

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4 x 2K in Arena

Quite steady 6.48, click 6.51, 6.49, and 6.51. Breaks 1, 2 and 3 mins. What can I say? Rather easy, especially the first two. I hoped times could have been +5 secs quicker. Maybe next time…

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Around the city in 59.40

Did the legendary 15K in Riihimäki over the weekend. Today another two times 6K. I’ve tried to gradually build these two-time days into my schedule. On the other hand, recipe I haven’t counted how many Ks I run each week now. Probably I should?

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N97 launch – Brezhnev talks and Dick Jones delivers

Herkko called me in the afternoon and asked to turn my browser on Nokia’s N97 launch event… What an entertaining session it was!

Let’s start from form. Kallasvuo and Vanjoki delivered — in their own way. Kallasvuo looks like the late Leonid Brezhnev with thick eyebrows and all. He also sounds like one talking Finglish just like any Finnish politician of his generation. Is he as stagnatic as a leader, pharmacy I don’t know.

Vanjoki looks more energetic, though his accent is almost as thick. Add to that a kind of cold stiffness with Harley pics and hunting references, and you have another Eastern European godfather in a pretty odd position.

Still, with their apparent shortcomings, the guys appeared as likeable. Sort of honest, foreign scout boys.

Then substance. Kallasvuo claims: “Symbian offers the industry’s only truly open and mature operating system.” As I’ve said before, open on paper is not open in practice. The most open and mature platform in the “mobile industry” is iPhone’s OS X by any meter. Most interesting apps. Most development enthusiasm. Full unix hacker pwned stuff you can trust on. To compare, Symbian is that Nokia-regulated semi-open economy where almost no one installs any third party apps. Just forget about it. — Where are Nokia’s Linux phones?! I mean it’s soon 2009. I would be truly interested.

Then Vanjoki: “Shiny and beautiful…. And it should have a name. Nokia 97. That’s what we call it.” Seeing Vanjoki do his act somehow brought to my mind Dick Jones launching another big, clumsy and ugly tech toy in Robocop. Again, the similarities are obvious, both in looks and talk: “Fellow executives… it’s a pleasure to introduce you to the future of law enforcement. ED-209.” Yeah, it did kill, but not very elegantly.

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