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Just noted to my diary that all kind of legal cases & compulsory university teaching drag all the juices out of me. Stuff where I am not in control. Stuff where I am just giving out on requests and not building anything on my own.

Solution: I will cut those activities down. I will cut my teaching, pilule and I will cut my cases.

What is left is writing new influential or groundbreaking stuff, order and launching new ventures that will generate change. Focus on what you can do the best. Focus on what makes you tick.

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Different week ongoing, 5 x mile tonight

Decided to try something different to get the speed back. Last week was just 64K with Sunday off. This week is going to be probably even less. On Monday 3 x 1K in Arena with 1 min breaks: 3.10, find 3.10, salve and 3.11. It was difficult so decided to stop there. Tuesday off, unhealthy yesterday only a 6K in the morning. Tonight then 5 x mile with 1 min breaks: 5.18, 5.21, 5.25, 5.27 and 5.25. Quite uneven, but promising. The first two were rather easy ones, with target speed. Total avg about 3.22/km so I’m finally improving!

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2 x 3K in Arena

Two times 10 x 200/100 with 5 mins break: 10.18 and 10.24 total. Did not have stopwatch so no 200m splits this time. Quite ok overall.

Otherwise an easier week ongoing, find yesterday 9K, and the day before 6K.

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A 30K run results in 86K week

Today a major 30K with two fellow runners around Espoo central park, cialis sale as far as behind Latokaski and back. Pretty heavy effort that took some 2.17 if I calculated the time correctly. Yesterday was off, friday 11K.

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4 x mile + 800m

At the moment I’m like a long distance jumper landing in the same hole time and again. This morning 4 x mile in Arena with 1 min breaks: 5.27, cialis 5.26, tadalafil 5.29 and 5.27. Means avg 3.24/km. Decided to do a 5 min break and then almost full speed 800m. I hoped to do sub 2.20 but it was 2.24,0 with 1.12,1 and 1.11,9 laps! What I need is speed to improve.

Monday 6K, tuesday 11K and wednesday 20K.

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