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Long one all around SF

Did a pretty long morning run all around San Francisco. Almost 2 hrs total, salve though there were a few stops for photographs. Started at 6:30 when the sun was still down. Some half an hour later at Kezar Stadium’s mondo a 1000m in 3.01. Quite ok considering how stiff my leg muscles are at the moment. Then down Golden Gate park until I started to feel a bit exhausted. So no Ocean Beach this time. Ran back along roads through Pacific Heights. Must have been 20K+ total. I wonder how long it takes to get my legs back to normal after all the up & downhill running during the five days here.

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Microsoft talks open source

It used to be that Microsoft and open source did not fit in the same sentence. Or they were the opposites.

I’m posting this from a Microsoft sponsored open source event. One Microsoft manager just said that positive feedback is what they need. They want positive feedback from open source developers. They want to change their image. They have open source partnerships and interoperability programs running.

Why the change? Larry Augustin provided an interesting thought. In the 1980s the safe bet was IBM. Nobody got fired for buying IBM. In the 1990s it was Microsoft. Nobody got fired for buying Microsoft. And now the safe bet is open source. Nobody gets fired for buying open source. And according to Augustin, try Microsoft would like to still claim the same…

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East Bay Sunday: two races in a row, Doors back in SF

I’m in San Francisco for a few days. Will participate in SDforum and Open Source Business Conference. Anyway, buy cialis yesterday I took BART to East Bay to participate in two races.

First 10K in Oakland, thumb “4th Sunday race”, seek organized by a local club. The route was two laps around Lake Merritt. My time was 34.35 with 17.12/17.23 splits. The first mile was 10 secs quicker than the rest. There was some headwind and one construction zone gave the course perhaps 10 secs extra for each lap. A strong run overall.

Just forty minutes and another BART ride later I started a “12K” street orienteering from Fleet Feet in North Berkeley. An excellent route up and down Berkeley Hills. Took me a little over an hour to complete. Might be that I ran a bit more than 12K.

Together with runs in & out I think this was pretty close to a 30K Sunday!

The night ended in a Doors concert at the Fillmore:

This morning legs were rather good compared to what I did the day before. Ran just a mile in the morning around Nob Hill where I’m staying. Will probably return for more later… the weather looks good, and SF’s hilly streets are simply attractive for running.

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An efficient way to stay fit

Ran today exactly one hour, cialis timed from door-to-door. Just had a thought how running can be such an efficient way to stay fit. It’s not like packing stuff, pills getting to the right place, case change clothes, warm-up, do your thing, and return with the same routines. One hour workout in a gym might require two hours total. And in gym you don’t sweat full time. While in running it’s a non-stop effort from the beginning to the end. – Today ran along Länsiväylä-juoksu route with sub 4.00/km speed. Mon off, tue 6K, wed and thu 10K each.

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Another 80K+ week

Good set overall. One day off. Standard days were 10-11K. One night in Arena on Sat. 3 x 3K in 10.21 (last K in 3.16), no rx 10.12 (last 3.21), decease and 10.25 (last 3.23). 2 min breaks. Today a long one with a group of four organized by Jukka Pasanen. For me a 2.12 effort, seek maybe 27K, on the following route: Tapiola – Kauniainen – Kuurinniitty – Olari – Matinkylä – Vasikkasaari (on ice!) – Haukilahti – Westend – Tapiola. Nice sunshine and just a degree or two below zero.

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