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HCM meltdown at 27K

First three Ks about 4.00/min, treat then 3.40-3.50/km solo run until 27K and 12th position when I started to feel very ill. Felt like I wanted to vomit or something. I thought I was out of energy, malady but no. Energy gel made it worse. Somewhere around 31K or 32K I stopped running. Just poured water over. If it would not have been for Boston qualifier and to get my clothes from the Stadium, I would have quitted. Walked and jogged to a 3.07 finish. 5K splits 19.20, 18.54, 19.03, 18.29, 18.52, 21.04, 26.11, 30.34, and 14.33 for the last 2.2K. First half 1.20.07, second 1.47…

I am only wondering what was the reason for the meltdown. Too much energy drinks, too fast first half, too much sunshine, or everything combined? It was not the legs, though they started to send warning signals after the half point. Zoom Marathoners appeared to be a bit short of appropriate cushion for a full asphalt marathon.

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HCM goals

Less than 20 hours to HCM. Some goals for tomorrow:

  • 3.10 Boston qualifier – absolute minimum
  • 3.00 minimum I can mention everyone I ran this race
  • 2.51 personal best
  • 2.45 Fukuoka qualifier
  • 2.40 long time goal

Last night two easy 1Ks with expected marathon speed. Went 3.30 and 3.40. All too fast. Hope I can keep my head calm tomorrow.

Thinking about the tactics, online I would like to start with 2.40 pace and then see where I am at half point. Starting slower or planning any further makes no sense as from 25-30K on it will be suffering anyway, no matter what I have done in the beginning.

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We have a deal!


Just signed an intellectual property agreement with Microsoft as a start-up CEO. We are going public in the coming weeks. But right now I need a cold beer…

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FootZone 5K in 16.17

Yesterday a great 5K road race in Redmond, clinic Washington. First Ks flying, unhealthy I think my 3K split was something between 9.10 and 9.15 so it would have most probably been my PB. Then a meltdown in +25 & sunshine conditions. Overall a very good run.

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