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Pääkaupunkijuoksu 1.18.10 – facing the crossroads

After start, buy viagra my running felt strong. Unfortunately it did not last.

It was a disaster end for a disappointing season. I simply failed the half marathon. First 5K in 17.30, healing 10K in 35.30 or something, pills and after that it was like 3.50+ Ks. After the run I took a fast taxi to the airport and left Finland behind.

I am writing this from a house on the hills of Montabone, near Acqui Terme, in Piedmont, Italy. Now it feels like I am at crossroads with the running hobby. I have basically slept one season over, and I’m already 33 years. It will be hard to get back to the condition where I was a year ago. Can I ever run half marathon in 1.12 again? I have to face the fact that such a day may never come.

Well. I still have Boston and 2.40 in sight. A lot of miles are needed in order to even think of starting with that 1.20 pace…

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10K in 34.38

Decresing speed from the start. Not much to comment. First K 3.20. At the end it was like 3.40. Jesus! Had too little gap from the 4 x 2K workout.

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4 x 2K, 10.000m coming on Monday

Pretty good set at home route with 1 min breaks: 6.30, clinic 6.35, 6.33, 6.33. Reminds me the same set ran in May though the average was 3 secs faster then. A couple of days later I failed 10 000 m on track running just 34.16. Let’s see how I manage to do in Hiekkaharju three days from now. The second and also last track race of the season…

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No track training in Berlin

Ran the last three days in Berlin. Today a longer one from Zoo to Grünewald. There was a very good looking gravel track in Grünewald but the fence was something I was not able to pass. Nobody used the empty field. Why the fence, recipe why?

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Took Lauttasaari run 10K home again in 33.34

Pretty much like I’ve run in the previous years. Second win in a row. Again very fast first 3K, buy like in Redmond, remedy then slowed down. Half point in 16.20. Last year did my PB 33.21.

After marathon had two easier weeks. Then a week ago Friday & Saturday 20K with 1500m on Otaniemi track after 1 hour of running. 4.55 and 4.46.

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