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That’s how much climb I have in the 1.15 hour basic run here in Asti region. Could be 18-19K total.

I have now Suunto X3HR, sovaldi an out-of-date model, but my first-ever heart rate monitor. Got it free, and the only reason I took it was the altimeter… Not that the heart rate measurements would be interesting. In the 1.15 / 440m climb run I had 148 avg and 169 max. In uphill it was usually about 165, and downhill about 130, even less. Today did an easier 7K with 138 avg and 158 max. Even though it included 150m uphill…

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Bright night


The nature here in the Italian countryside simply surprises. Last night we had dramatic thunderstorm in the skyline. Tonight it is bright skies with beautiful starlight. With very little light pollution it just amazes me to see so many stars out there. Mmm… perhaps this excellent Barbera del Monferrato has been of help.

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Training camp in Piedmont

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I’ve been the last 6 days in Italy. This place is Montabone, Asti region, some 10 kilometers from Acqui Terme. Today I had a feeling this could be my training base camp for the next 2 months. It is basically countryside from the front door in a very hilly region known for the vineyards. Roads are great for running with very low traffic.

This morning I made the longest run so far here: something like 19-20K in 1.23. I have to buy an altimeter because I must have climbed hundreds of meters in that run. Montabone where I started is in 386m and Bistagno, the lowest point, in 180m. In between I climbed at least 100-200m more. Legs were aching after 10K like hell. Wonder if I can run anything tomorrow. Yesterday was off, and the previous days 5-10K. I really need to build strength now.

I think the run today clearly showed I cannot imagine a sub 1.15 half or sub 2.40 marathon anytime soon. It will take obviously months to get myself back on track.

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