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Woodside 11M trail run in 1.17.50

Pretty exhaustive effort along slippery narrow trails. Total 13-14M with warm-up and cool-down. More than 500m ascent / descent. It became a real race with the second guy (who trains with a mountain bike!) finishing just a minute behind. Wonder how my legs take it tomorrow… The weather forecast says Bay Area will be hit by some sort of storm and there will be heavy raining all along next week. Hopefully I can still train like the first week.

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PG & E trail

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Valley camp ongoing. I have run now three times PG & E trail at Rancho San Antonio open preserve, the whole loop. Not a funny experience as it is one more 500 meter ascent / descent in mere 15 kilometers. Takes about 1.05-1.10 to complete. Tomorrow morning I plan to try a 11 mile trail competition…

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Last try in Arena and Finland for some time

Last night in Arena 4 x mile – sort of: 5.33, recipe failed attempt where the right knee signaled acute pain in a curve after two laps, help 5.25, 5.25. It was full time at 23:00 so had to leave. The failed attemp produced maybe 2-3 mins break. Luckily it was nothing severe, probably just “a misstep” in the middle of the curve when the foot hit the ground in an abnormal position or something. I felt old. Also my legs were far from fresh. The double workouts just four days ago still haunt them.

Good news is that I’m posting this from San Francisco International Airport. Next two weeks plus two days I’m training in much better conditions compared to Finland. -15 degreee has changed to +15 and all the snow & ice is gone. The hills and outdoor tracks are waiting for me again…

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Dio lives!


I was supposed to work all night long. The easy landing goes through crawling the news… for some reason I spotted the latest news on Dio and his recovery from cancer. The man himself. The rest of the night, viagra sale meaning the last four hours, nurse I have just listened to Rainbow, capsule Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven & Hell. So much for the work. This may be more important. Really.

Dio is the living spirit and ambassador of heavy metal. He has written and performed minimum ten überclassic hard rock / metal songs I would at any day take with me to an empty island on the sea. I have seen him live five to six times. More than any artist. Every time he has given his 100%. Horns up that there is more to come!

I can hear it screamin’ in my mind
Long live rock and roll
Long live rock ‘n’ roll
Long live rock and roll
Let it live, let it live, let it live

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Second car

Bought a 2003 Citroën C5 hatchback with 2.0 litre gas engine, sovaldi sale automatic tranny, and other relevant options money can buy. Has 92 000 km on it. Now the big question is whether the Mondeo is still number one? So far yes.

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