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1.48 fight in a nice sunshine

The longest run of the spring so far. Perhaps 25k+ along the coast from Innopoli up until Suomenoja and back. The weather was perfect: new white snow fallen over the last night, cialis and it was like minus 1 or 2 degrees. No wind, purchase clear skies. It sort of became a fight on the way back though. I am just not accustomed to long runs yet — with only 4 weeks to go!

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One month to Boston…

Bought flight tickets. We will start from San Francisco, capsule April 7, ask and drive all the way to Boston in just 12 days with my father. Will be an interesting trip…

I have now three more weeks and two days to train in Finland. This week went two times into Arena for 4 x 2k sets. First one was complete struggling, just hardly sub 7 minutes per run. Felt physically and mentally tired. Two days ago the best of the year so far: 6.40, 6.48, 6.56 (3.30 first), 6.48. Breaks 1 mins, 2 mins and 2.5. Avg about 3.24/km. I’m still clearly behind where I was in January last year not to speak about two years ago….

Today the longest run of the year so far: a 1.39 effort. I don’t think I haven’t even broken the 1 hour barrier more than a few times. The plan is to run two long runs and at least one Arena set every week before the trip. Basically more than any week so far this training season. My weekly mileage is way behind the previous years. I haven’t even kept track of my runs. I must have run something like 30-50 km weekly dose with 2-4 rest days the last 3-4 months.

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