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Boston 2.45.16

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Overall the best marathon I’ve run so far and the personal best. The result is very much is in par with the poor training background and the last 10 days of driving a car from San Francisco to Boston. First half 1.21.13, decease second 1.24.03. The culmination point was on the top of Heartbreak Hill at 21 miles when my legs “died” and after that downhills were total suffering. Until that point my pace was very constant. 5K splits went 19:04 – 19:26 – 19:18 – 19:16 – 19:09 – 19:31 – 19:45 – 20:17 and the last 2.2k in 9:31. Just before the melting point I was hoping to speed-up for a negative split. But when in marathon something happens it usually means game over. Luckily the slowdown was today more gradual than in previous attempts.

The weather was perfect. +13 degrees celcius, pilule mostly cloudy. Cheruiyot ran a new course record in sub 2.06 and the other guys in the leading pack clocked in 2.07-2.08.

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