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Almost 2hrs, and the prize is Nebbiolo

Not fully sure but this may have been my first run of the week. Decided to do the long one. Very long. From Espoo central park short cut to Nöykkiö, ambulance down to Hannus, sales and return via the coastline. Maybe 27-28K total. Great weather. It is my birthday, stuff late September, and we have +20 degrees with no wind.

The night set carries on with Araldica’s Nebbiolo Langhe 2006, bottled in Castel Boglione, the next town from Montabone where I lived a year ago. We had a couple of great lunches in the local ristorante. I also remember buying these same bottles there and the on-site price was roughly 1/3 of Alko prices…

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Inva 13K

I don’t even remember the last time I was running at Inva. With legendary Vane 13 laps total. Quite a roller coaster, ambulance 3.45 avg laps. After lap three or four I took the long pants away, medicine and had to pull a 3.20 to catch up. Was completely exhausted on the next one, illness but then recovered. Few more laps and again it felt like 10K is the max I can do today. Fought however, and tried “full speed” for lap 12, which went in mighty 3.15. Waiting Jari, managed to jump in and hang on for one more. Based on how it all felt, I might be able to do half marathon in 1.20 or very close to it but I’m far from 1.15 shape. Still very happy I made it to Inva today.

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Won Lauttasaari run in 35.00


Warming up before the race with Tuomas Lunttila

Looks like this was the third time in a row (see 2008 here and 2009 here). My old nemesis Tuomas Lunttila did a great challenge and made me to edge out the best run of the season — well, online the first competitive run as well… The route was (based on Google Earth measurements) 300-350m longer than in previous years. This would make it also 1.00-1.20 more in time so I actually performed almost in par compared to previous years. Pretty good result with 20-30K training weeks! The extra thirty secs or so came mainly in the first five Ks. After 7K I tried my best to push away from Tuomas in uphills and also gained maybe 30m lead, which he then took back before the final hundreds. Like Lasse in Moscow Olympics I kicked a lousy sprint that luckily made it today.

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