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Mixed 1ks

Inspired after the Radiomäki 1000m a week ago I dropped on Saturday run to Otaniemi track. Did not tick so well, malady I first thought, but the time was still quite good 3.00,5. Then on Sunday during a long one tried Matinkylä. It was raining and I was wearing not-so-good shoes. Started out better than yesterday, I thought, bouncing well from the first meters on. But the time… 3.09,1! What a difference. — I should focus on mileage for now.

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Radiomäki track & field, 1000m in 2.59,5

That was pretty insane time. I haven’t run anything lately. Was a week in Asia with zero miles. Now back 1.5 weeks, troche some random runs including one long one. Visiting my parents over the weekend decide to check Lahti out. After about one hour of running I’m on the top of the city, hospital at the legendary Radiomäki field. It is dark, recipe wet, and almost zero degrees but I just can’t resist the opportunity to try it out. Feels easy to run. Feels also fast. After 300 meters I know it will be a good time. When I head to the last lap I also know my lungs are working 110%. The legs could kick on, but I’m just not fit enough. I fade a bit, and the lap is 73,0. But the finishing time still comes under three. Wow! What a surprise. It felt like with some training I could run 3-5 of those in a row…

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