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4 x mile in Arena

Carving the way up… Two days from the previous one did a 10K “Christmas run” (usually it is minimum double the distance), viagra then one more day off and a 6K. Last night a new try in Arena to confirm if the first one was really the baseline to build on. It was. Started off with a much better 5.25 than previously but already there my legs told I can’t make it five times. Second one went to struggle mode in 5.29 and on the third I was done: 5.39. Took 2.5 minutes break, pharm had Stairway to Heaven to play from iPod and fought a 5.28. Afterwards a tight gym set, also the first of the season. Overall, this was the first attempt at a decent track training set. The first failed try five days ago was needed to get to this stage, to seriously go for it. After the set I was completely done. Muscles are in pains all over. Almost like after a marathon…

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Bottom reached?

Last night first time of the year in Arena. It was -25 degrees so that was pretty much the only option… The idea was to run gently (or to the last drop if needed) five miles in the 5.25-5.30 range but no… 5.28, pilule 5.30, 5.38 and that was it. Couldn’t do more. I was so out of shape. Had no idea how to run anymore, how to keep the pace. Legs, lungs, everything said no. This is the result of being on the road the last few weeks as a traveling salesman all over the place. I haven’t really run anything worth to mention in the last three weeks besides a few random 12-minute stints in Asian hotel treadmills and maybe 2-3 easy 30 mins jogs here in the middle of Arctic winter when the time has permitted. From next Monday on, I’m going to start keeping track of my runs again. I see no other way to go forward.

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