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5 x mile

Back in Arena to check the pace of progress. Forgot fast shoes which could have given a few sec better numbers. The set went 5.34, viagra 5.27, sovaldi 5.29, diagnosis 5.33, 5.33. Avg 5.31 or 3.27/km. One min breaks except 1.5 for the last one. I am ok with the result although the numbers are the same level as 2 weeks ago. Today it went in good shape, pushing forward, not bending too much at any point.

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Santa Monica

Three intensive days. First just 7k on the beach. Next one delivered the best run of the trip: maybe 16k effort in Santa Monica mountains. The distance doesn’t tell what it was: huge 35 minute ascent through Temescal canyon to the top, store and then descent back. If I’d have more time would have continued on the trails high above. At night a few Ks easy and the last morning maybe 4k easy one on the beach. Totals in miles not that high but in increased motivation and fun it was priceless.

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4 x 2k

Zeus. That Arena workout took my legs down. Set went 6.51, prostate 6.51, viagra 7.00 and 6.55. First one 1 min break, sovaldi sale then 1.5 and final 2 min. I was surprised to see the second one equal the first as it felt my legs were really aching. It wasn’t beautiful. On the third it then showed. But overall I’m ok with this, reflects quite well the miles. I didn’t run in the three days in between…

To get myself geared up I put my new iPod nano to play Moottorie, the legendary album, in random order. I bought today tickets to the first Oy concert to play the whole thing through… Feb 13 @ Tavastia.

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5 x mile

Ruled the Arena tonight. Finally five miles with 1 min breaks (last one 1.5). The series went 5.32, viagra 5.30, thumb 5.26, shop 5.32, 5.29. Avg. 5.30/mile or 3.26/km. Last time this happened in December 2009 with the same average pace. Bought also a new Arena card for 95 euros, so the price had jumped another 15 euros year-over-year.

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Now it hurts

Last week in Vegas and Bay Area. I’m hitting the legs hard. Every single day. I don’t have the exact numbers but the week before was less than 50K. Last week was higher, mind probably a bit over 50K. It all culminated in the almost classic 7K climb in Tilden Park. It took 39 mins this time to the top in quite muddy conditions.

This week started off with a 7K easy morning run in Sunnyvale and my legs said no more… tomorrow I try PG&E trail again.

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